Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have watched this season's American Idol since the very beginning and even watched the marathon last weekend, during the first parts I admit that I really like David A. because of him being young but manages to sing like that is stellar indeed and eventually as each finalists been eliminated and David C. performed "Always Be My Baby", he really swept me away and since that I bet that he is no doubt to be the next American Idol. He really proves that he is a talented person and remains humble that goes to David A. too. But when I saw the finals last night somehow, I am seeing a blurred vision of David C. being the winner as Simon declared that it was a "Knocked Out" performance to David A. although for me, it doesn't matter who wins because they both deserved it. But above all, I found David C. as a very compassionate person and really values family. The first time I saw him play the guitar, I already wondered what AC stands for and learned that it's "Adam Cook", David's brother who is going through a serious illness. It really touched my heart and felt how difficult it could be for him, to pull through this contest knowing that someone important to you is going through a tough time, so I really admired his presence of mind, maintains his composure and deliver his performance very well because as they say, "The Show Must Go On!". He is really showing his professionalism. And if you would really see though David C., he is really having a good time and enjoying every night's performance, not just after the title of "American Idol" but the break he got and been able to do what he loves to do is already something. Besides even if he doesn't get that he is gonna be a star. As for David A., I really give him the credit for this, normally he sings nasally but it was different last night, he has improved a lot and delivers more heart felt performances. Congratulations to both! And now I am looking forward for David C.'s album...hehehehe!


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