Friday, May 30, 2008

I just had my Internet connection set up and I was really happy because finally I will be able to be online as long as I want and be able to start up with my website...I got the approval already for free hosting and also registered my domain name. Yehey! But, all of a sudden a lot of things are popping up in my pc and then I had to do a thorough scan an as I have suspected, spywares, viruses, malwares, etc. And after two days of scanning and finding a way of removing those empty folders still no luck, tried a couple of softwares and then suddenly while scanning there was a power interruption just for a second and made my modem go wacko! So, basic troubleshooting...I waited for the power to be stable, turned on the modem, wait for the lights to be stable specially the DSL, and then the PC. The DSL light starts blinking but still I waited...My PC tried to connect and eventually retires and gave me an invalid IP address, hit the repair button, did a release/renew in the command window but still no luck, did the power cycle several times, still remains the same. So I decided to report it to my ISP, ok as I have expected once again, they weren't such a help at all...They just said that they will monitor and give me a feedback within 24 hours but of course they didn't but last night the DSL light became steady, I thought everything is alright...Another broken dream, so I decided to retire...This morning, got back to checking and thinking of solutions, left it on to allow to check again if there are still left overs of those unwanted demons in my PC... as I got home this afternoon I tried to connect and still the same...hadn't had some rest for a couple of days already and so I decided to call again my ISP and told them everything again...So, he had me check the IP, clicked the repair button, ping a site...all gave a good sign of hope...He asked me to open up my browser and so I did and tried to go to a site, btw, I am using Mozilla Firefox for my browser for some reason it is having a problem it will just let me go to my homepage and when I try to access my mail it won't load, so the TSR told me to use other browsers which I don't have so told me to try the Windows Explorer and yeah it loaded (I felt stupid for forgetting to try that..hehehe...sorry). So I hang up and then tried to reinstall the browser but it still didn't work so right now I am using the Windows Explorer for now, and hopefully tomorrow I will try to reformat this PC because there are alot of other stuff going on here aside from the browser...I hope that after tomorrow, I will be stress free and be able to start working on my website! Please wait for the moment! Hehehehe...

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