Sunday, May 18, 2008

I really thought I wouldn't be able to published at least one post this weekend. I have been trying to fix my blog and widen it a bit to have more room on the side bars and then I came across a very, very helpful site and that is Annie's Blog University! Everything that I want is there but unfortunately, can't do it all right now because there are some limitations in my current template but the most important thing that I want to do right now is to create a hide/show option specially for my blog roll...I used the page element here in Blogger but for some reason when I move it in a different place my list will all disappear and I will have to re-do it. My gosh, really annoying, just for today I re-created it thrice...So don't bother to ask how many times in total...hahaha! Crazy! Yesterday, I already tried a couple of steps to tweak my page and got tired so if someone visited my site last night the right side bar had a gap from the middle page, I almost didn't sleep...There's something in me that when I am doing a task I wanna make sure that it will be finish right a way with good results but this time, it was really different...I gave up and almost started from scratch...but Annie's Blog gave me hope when I read her response in my email that I did a good job with a tricky hack, and so I worked on this for almost the whole day today, though I gave up with the adjustment of sidebars since the images are a bit small, so I will just deal with it next time...Ok, so back to my blog roll list if you will notice it is tidy now and doesn't go all the way down...neat! That is just one of Annie's remarkable work. And I really thank her for making a blog like that. It helped a lot of bloggers already and more to come. I recommend all of you to visit her blog, I bet you won't stop reading and blogging and tweaking your page! Great Job Annie! More to come!


  1. annie said...
    WOW, thanks for such a great compliment! It means a lot.

    Keep up the good work. That is how I tweaking my blog. One hack at a time. You customize and learn as you go. Tackle one thing at a time and then move to the next.
    Sophia said...
    Don't forget to link me dear. Thank you.

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