Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas is near and we can now see a lot of things that symbolizes this season of joy. Beautiful and colorful lights in every house you would pass by, children singing carols, people buying gifts for everyone. This is the time of year when I feel excited as if like a child once again, who looks forward for gifts both to be given and received. On top of all, I’m thrilled to spend this most precious time with my family and friends. And I hope that everyone will have a wonderful time and would not forget to give thanks to the Lord.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I’ve been browsing for a good brand of external HD (hard drive) since I’ve been planning to have a 1TB that is portable for the reviewers and other stuff that I’ve been downloading. I added a 320GB HD recently but I don’t think that it would be enough since there are a lot of software, videos & PDF reviewers that I’ve been compiling almost half of it is occupied already. I came across this DELL Inspiron Zino HD; it is actually a mini computer that is very stylish and compact yet powerful!


The size of it is just 8 inches by 8 inches square with interchangeable colors and designs, it supports up to 8GB of 800MHz memory DDR2 SODIMM and up to 1TB SATA II hard drive so lets you enjoy quality graphics via the integrated ATI Radeon HD3200 and optional ATI discrete graphics, store images, listen to music with Conexant CX20561 2.1 Channel, connect wirelessly via the mini PCIe WLAN card that supports 802.11b/g or a/b/g and you can also put a DVD-RW or Blu-ray disc drive.


It’s like giving you everything you need in just a small box! How cool is that? Well, it may be expensive but I think it’s all worth it! I can’t wait to have that pretty gadget!


Monday, November 16, 2009

I’m really happy that the start of the week is getting better and better. After I did a major cleaning yesterday, rearranged my stuff inside the room and just now, my dad replaced the light bulb and installed the TV back here! I’m actually using my brother’s room since he is overseas but before I came back a year ago, they removed the TV and put it outside so my mom could watch TV while cooking or taking a rest in the garage, our dirty kitchen is next to the garage since it is a bit of an open space my mom would always stay there and would sometimes take a nap on the hammock. Anyways, after more than a year of not having TV and just using my PC to watch movies online (I guess it’s also one of the reasons why it got busted recently, OVERUSED), I am really glad that I have a TV again! YEHEY! Along with it is the cable TV connection, so I will get to watch my favorite programs and my PC will have time to rest. These things may be simple or can be considered just a little thing to be happy about but I know that it’s God’s work for me and I’m thankful for that. Oh, happy day!

Last Friday I was on a holiday but went to the office anyway because of Banchetto, it is an every Friday ritual when the clock strikes 12 midnight half the street of Emerald in Ortigas is closed, caterers and non caterers set up food stalls for them to sell different foods from a full meal to pastries, Mexican to Italian and of course native Filipino food! I went with my friends Grace and Ron. We had a very nice meal! I enjoyed the Blue Marlin Steak… YUM! After a great meal I stayed a couple of hours more just to be with some other friends in the office and since it’s Friday not too much work for them so we get to chit-chat. I went home around 5am since I still have to meet my friend JR Saturday morning for a little shopping spree in GreenHills and a basketball game in the afternoon, we joined this sort of basketball league along with other companies within the area just for a little extra-curricular activity but I’m just part of the audience… HEHEHEH! I felt great because again after a couple of months not going out it was the first! I get a chance to buy my mom what she has been asking me since September, I know I know! You may be thinking that I’m too lazy or whatever but I just don’t feel like going out alone, I like being with friends and enjoy sharing funny stuff. So we left for the game around 3pm as we still have to drop by the office to pick up Rye and Meg. I really enjoyed watching the game, Meg and I really pissed off the other team… HAHAHAHA! Even with just the two of us cheering, as if there’s a group… You can really hear our voices distracting the other players, and even our own team-mates were laughing at us and told us that we were crazy. It did pay off as they won the game! Yippee! I’m looking forward for another enjoyable weekend! =)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Just got pissed off this evening or should I say morning when these new guys suddenly put up a loud sound, I don’t know whether they don’t want to hear us talking or they really want to catch our attention. I really don’t understand what the heck is going on, why they get all the special treatment. Our account has a lot of people and yet they are getting our PCs! And now all of us would adjust our schedule and give way for them to have enough computers. Are they expecting us to share 1 computer among 2-3 people? That’s really insane! At least tonight will be my rest day and I won’t be too problematic where I would log on to work. I just hope that everything that they are doing is worth it, because as I can see it, those people are too arrogant for newcomers. It really annoys me seeing their faces! GRRR!!!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

This is a point in my life that I need to lay on the things that matters. I know I should have done this long before but sometimes we linger to the pain we feel with no apparent reason and this day comes when we feel that time has left us behind with nothing to hold on to aside from memories…

A Prayer - Letting Go

Dear Jesus, I come to you now with a broken heart and a weary spirit. I don't know how I can carry on each day knowing that a part of me had already gone, never ever to return. Can I ever be complete again? Can I ever smile again at the coming of a new day? Day after day I miss him more and more. Day after day my longing grows but it can never be fulfilled. How can I possibly live my life again? How do I overcome this feeling that I am now all alone and I shall always be alone or the rest of my life? How do I let go? The places we’ve been to, the celebrations we had together, they will never be the same. The emptiness in my heart is so big I can no longer breathe sometimes.

Help me O God! The pain of separation seems more painful to me than death itself. I don’t know how much longer I can carry on. Help me carry on this day Lord. Help me to let go, I pray. Though I may not forget, help me to remember how you have always carried me through. Though the pain may not yet go away, assist me in carrying this cross with hope in my heart.

Let me not forget the people who love me and assist me in this hour of need. May I find strength in them, consolation in the generosity of their hearts. And whenever I’m afraid, let there always be a hand to hold on to, a smile to brighten up my path. Send down your angels Lord and may I recognize your hand upon your every gift and blessing. Give me something to do that I may not feel useless, yet teach me also to rest knowing all will be well after the long dark night.

You are my Rock and my Provider, Savior and Defender, Friend and Lover who will never ever let me down. You will lead me through this day. You will fill my every hour with peace, my every moment with thoughts of your love. I cannot bear the burdens of tomorrow but I will offer you all that I have today. Today is yours O God. This moment is yours. Embrace me and take my hand. I am in your heart. I am safe. I am loved.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

I like to travel as much as I want to that I made a list of the countries I wanted to visit. So far I visited 2 from the list and still planning of completing the rest. One of the countries I wanted to visit is Australia, why? Well, really can’t say if this would answer the question but because I wanted to see a Koala… HEHEHE! I find them really cuddly and cute. Some of my friends told me before that it’s really nice there to live because of the cold weather, people are nice and life is simple. Alright back to travelling… What I always do when travelling is to get souvenirs in every place I’ve been to; it makes me feel fulfilled because of the new experiences to look forward to so something to remember is a must. I remember a friend who went there before for training told me that it’s normal for them to have a bottle of beer during lunch, how cool is that? They would walk around and feel the cool breeze of the wind; most of the shops there are closed at 5pm in where they stayed so when I asked him to buy me some stuff he does it during weekends. So since I planned of going there as well, I do some research over the Internet and get across this souvenir site where I saw a koala plush toy with a boomerang, so cute! Aboriginal souvenirs collection like road signs coasters, key rings or key chains, travel bags and the cool kangaroo art wooden notebook and pen that I consider great stuff. They also have handmade souvenirs like hand painted Australian native art canvasses & boomerang. Hopefully, I could visit Australia soon but of course if not I can always get that beautiful work of art through online.

Friday, October 30, 2009

I was thinking of what to share with you guys since last night and just this morning I came up with telling a story. HEHEHE… As I mentioned yesterday we have a Halloween party and supposedly all should wear costumes. So one of my officemate just came in for the morning duty, I saw him that he doesn’t have anything unusual with him so I asked, here’s how the conversation goes:

Me: Ei …. You’re not wearing any costume for today?
Badingky Winky: No.
Me: They said that if you’re not going to then you have to pay the fine of 200 bucks.
Badingky Winky: F*ck Them!
Me: …….
Badingky Winky: I don’t give a d*mn!
Me: ……
*End of conversation*

After his reaction, we all stayed quiet for a few minutes, even the sound of the keyboards as you type suddenly stopped. And then my friend sent me an instant message saying that he’s just like that because there’s no other people especially the managers can hear him but he doesn’t really have the guts to say it up front. I just thought of the word "sinto-sinto" it is one of the common terms pertaining to craziness or any kind of mental disability. That’s the word for today! AHAHAHA…

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Glad to have finished changing the template on my website in one day. I searched for new templates yesterday and managed to upload it as well mid day as well. Still had the time to put some additional stuff like the “Twit This!” at the bottom of my posts , I’m really happy to have found Annie’s site because for an amateur like me in this coding stuff, I’m sure that I won’t reach this far. I got my template from Skin Corner and browsed my way in Annie’s site for cool tweaking guides that helped me improve my page. I haven’t really finished everything but at least I won’t be worrying of skipping the day because you can navigate within as the elements are in their right places. There are a lot of nice templates in Skin Corner, I downloaded a couple but decided to use this because I feel refreshed looking at it. So simple yet unique! I really recommend to everyone these two for all your blogging needs!

Also, I just heard an update here at work that we will have a costumer party this Friday! My goodness! It was scheduled supposedly on Monday but our new boss decided to change it because according to her it’s late already if we are going to celebrate Halloween on Monday. Really not sure whether she is thinking straight or what, so little time to prepare and look for a costume besides I am not into that kind of stuff. So I was thinking of not going to work on Friday and according to the organizers of the event, anyone who is not in costume will pay 200 bucks. Well, I’d rather pay than tire myself in searching those malls after office hours because it’s really hot outside during the afternoon. Not only that, there are so many moms are also buying costumes for their kids for “Trick or Treating” this weekend. I bet when I get to the stores there will be no more stocks. I’m really frustrated with this!

That’s it for now, still have to come up with a plan. HEHEHE!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How important is it nowadays to have access to the Internet? Do we consider it a necessity? Some may say yes and some no, I guess it is because of the convenience that they say it is a necessity. I do believe in this era we need to be fast in making efforts to excel in our own chosen path and of course in order for us to do that, we have to learn a lot of things. Alright, others would say you can search in the library or buy books depending on what you want to study. I understand that however, if having a fast and reliable Internet connection won’t you rather save time instead? Again, another concern will be brought up such as the cost. Well, if you would include the time in your calculation I believe that you would still save more in getting an Internet service and also, the Internet is not only for learning but also for business. It makes your business transaction way easier! And having said these, a reliable service that offers a fast connection almost the same as Home and DSL connection, Clear Internet! Clear provides users to stay connected, be updated and most of all, be on the go! Clear Wireless Internet uses 4G Wimax technology which allows you to download files, stream online movies and do video call 4x to 8x faster than 3G technologies. What makes it convenient is that with Clear, you can access the Internet anywhere within the Clear coverage area which is now expanding to more cities! No need to worry in setting it up as well because you can do it yourself, all you have to do is plug in the Clear modem to your laptop or desktop and you are good to go! For those that mobility is very important you do not have to fret about the modem because there is a USB modem that you can carry in your pocket. Now, enough said with how great Clear 4G Internet technology is because it still has a much greater deal, it is by choosing what package suits you not like other providers who only offers very few options. With Clear, it caters different kinds of Internet users from home user who are normally just checking emails, browsing the Internet and chatting online to those who are tech savvies who not only uses the Internet to check emails but also does their business online. The price range varies on the package you wish to get and you can learn more about it if you sign up today because Clear has Best Deals and Popular Plans for those who wish to experience the power of technology!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So tired because I wasn’t able to sleep yesterday before coming to work, I thought that things would be alright but turned out to be more stressful. Heard from him already and suddenly my brain stopped functioning and honestly right now I don’t know what to say to him. Just wanted to release what’s inside me right now. I want to burst into tears but I can’t because I should not allow myself to be once again hurt by the same people who never consider me human.