Sunday, May 04, 2008

Once again Linksys outclassed other budget or low-end routers in both short and long range performance. The Linksys Wireless-N Gigabit Router WRT310N with its sleek design and more superior capability, it projects that you don’t have to have a bulky box with a very big antenna to achieve good range in your wireless networks. I saw this for the first time when my best friend’s husband Rico went here, and had a convention about the new products of Linksys – A division of Cisco System held in Shangrila Hotel, Jakarta. Most of my officemates here went to see the presentation along with the other partners, showing off the different products being distributed by local companies here. It is really cute and compare to the old style (not the blue and black) the silver plastic thingy, this wireless N routers looks more sophisticated. Now, I’m thinking that it really has been a long time and there have been a lot of products released by Linksys which I don’t know about anymore…I really miss the old days…Ok back to the router, setup is never been difficult specially now that Linksys have this Desktop Application called the Linksys Easy Link Advisors which guide user, most of all the beginners to the step by step procedure from cable connection up to creating your password but of course the web utility will never be left of the scene because all advanced configurations like port forwarding and the like will have to be configured there. This new router offers new deep routing features in which you can avoid your Bit Torrent to mess up with your VoIP connection or set the gaming and streaming to trump others by customizing the priorities of your applications and web filtering where in you can prevent proxies (which we all hate), Java, Cookies and ActiveX compare to the common old routers that has WMM/QoS. This feature prevents viruses from infecting your network. So, I would probably just get one of this when I get home and set up a new network again…


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