Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What is it that you will do just for the sake of saving a relationship? Would you beg? Cry? Or ignore the things that could lead to separation? Indeed it is easy to say that when the person you love most hurt you, it’s the end of it. But have you consider checking it twice what was the cause of it? Have you thought of the fact that you love that person and it’s possible for you to give a second chance? Well, everyone is unique and that have different perceptions and insights on how to deal with this kind of problem. There are strong persons who can just accept easily, there are those who dwell and feel the pain everyday that as if they are going to die and really take long for them to move on. When do you say you have moved on? Is it when you can face that person? Is it when you are no longer thinking about him/her? Is it when you already have a new one? ‘tis difficult to explain nor understand the feeling of being hurt and being able to face and feel the pain of the betrayal is tough. We struggle! We try to conquer it all but not always that we can solve it ourselves. It’s not always that we have answers to questions in life. We do not have the power to remove these trials, all we can do is face it, without the assurance that we can win. So where do we start? What do we do? Who do we talk to? How should we deal with this kind of situation? I, myself have gone through this but it seems that it’s hard to explain, can’t seem to find the exact word to use, of if it can be described in one word…

**To be continued…

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Another year has passed and it was really fast I could say. I was really happy celebrating the change of year with my family. It was really a blast! Now, it is time to work on everything that has been pending for quite a long time. Every plan should progress & every goal should be reached. I am looking forward to this year, new experiences and will definitely going to meet new people as well. God bless all of us and may we all have a peaceful and prosperous New Year!