Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I had a very bad headache last night and slept early...Got up early today and checked my email and blog if there are new comments or messages...Again there are two thanks so much! I already planned that I will go to the office today even it's my day off since I have nothing to do at home at least here I can surf the Internet and do some chatting with my friends or visit more blogs and besides I need to meet with the HR so I came around 1:30PM checked out the HR first, since the person I am supposed to talked to was absent so I just left a message to the assistant then went to my computer...I opened my email...a lot of notifications again...trying to help a friend update her blog and also chatting with another...Suddenly, the HR person called me up and told me that I have to pay something to get the documents I need which I was not aware of and to my surprise it is not just a small amount...So my headache really is back and it is killing me...So the friend I am chatting with is telling me something about another blogger who got disabled or blocked by Google Adsense due to his harmful title, post or advertisement, I am not really sure because I can't concentrate already due to my headache...So got back to my inbox... As I checked my email, I notice a Google Adsense notification and saying that my account was disabled. I got shocked! And told my friend about it...So I checked my account and unfortunately I cannot open my Adsense account anymore...I sent an appeal and also a query for the exact reason why it got blocked, because honestly I am not sure which could cause conflict with it. Of course, I suspected those new elements I added so I tried to look for other blogs to confirm and so far what I have are almost the same with them...I even got less in my page...So it's not it and now I can't stop thinking...I am trying to isolate this problem. I checked the FAQs and in my opinion the very major offense there is clicking your own ads which I never intend to do it for me to earn...If ever there will be any of that it was caused of me testing the page element or the ads because there are some that would tell me that it's not working and I am just a new blogger, every changes in my blog I learn from trial and error, I am not an expert and with this bad Internet connection here that all of a sudden everything will have page error and pop ups are blocked or whatever flash needs to be installed... I am doing alternative testing which is clicking it but in my understanding since I am logged in to my account definitely it will not be considered a "click". So right now, I feel that the whole day was all a disappointment...Don't you think? I feel sad right now as I am striving to finish this post...I really hope that my account would be back for I never intend to cheat anyone and most of all myself. For now, all I can do is wait...and hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day.

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  1. Etavasi said...
    Hello my friends don't be sad :D be happy... well if you like to know.. beside google adsense.. there is lot of other way... well try Bidvertiser
    :D this is same concepts as google adsense too ... keep blogging

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