Monday, May 05, 2008

Finally after having a tough week in the office, I got my day off...I was trying to relax when I heard this music from Animax. I remembered again that I've heard this way back, one of the beautiful piece by Pachelbel. I even saw a taiwanese kid who played it in Youtube it was really amazing! Imagine how fast his fingers with those guitar strings. A very young kid who was able to play that piece is really magnificent! I've tried to play a guitar before and moving from one chord to the other is so crazy. His version has a faster tempo though but seeing him was really inspiring however, since my fingers are not flexible enough for guitar strings anymore, I just listen to it and helps me relax at the same time inspired to write so I'd rather stay with my computer's keyboard if not then I wouldn't be able to blog about this...I don't know if any of you here heard about it but, I really recommend it specially those who are interested in classical music. They say that listening to this kind is for older people but well, it depends actually. So that's it for now and I will continue to have a relaxing rest but tomorrow will be another blogging day for all of us!


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