Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ever since Ramielle got voted out, I slacked in watching American Idol. This week’s performance, I was just able to watch Jason’s Mr. Tambourine Man. So sad that he has to go but honestly, he didn’t impress me much. It’s like he is just there for fun didn’t really reinvent himself. But, I admit he is really damn gorgeous! He looks like a Greek god! Even with the dread locks he still looks great. I like the color of his eyes. Unfortunately, mostly thought that he manage to stay in the competition because the majority of the voters are women, that’s why he was lucky that he is good looking or else, he might not even made it in the top 10. Anyway, we will miss you and hopefully we’ll see you somewhere else Jason!!!

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  1. Davidlind said...
    I am a guy and watch the show pretty religiously. So there are some guys out there. But you are right because I do not vote. My wife votes and gets on me about it. I write about the show in Virginia Breeze. Jason is a piece of work. You are right again. He is in it for a lark. He looked very relieved to be booted after the body blows the judges gave him the night before. He won't do much in my opinion because I doubt he will work very hard. Maybe he should try modeling. Although models work hard too.

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