Saturday, May 10, 2008

I don’t know whether everyone is paying attention of the strange and sudden change of our weather or nature’s activity but every day it is getting more and more dangerous for us especially in those countries that are always hit by typhoons, storms, hurricane, floods, earthquake, natural calamity or whatever we call it. They are all the same, destructive! It is due to the sudden change of temperature and other elements.

Nowadays, we should not be just waiting for announcement or ignore what is happening around us because anything worst may happen. We should do something even in our own little way to prevent polluting our environment. According to Discovery News, Myanmar is yet to face another risk, a big storm this season. We all know that it is not rarely that Myanmar experienced cyclone however, by the end of May Yuichi Ono a program officer for the UN’s International Strategy for Disaster Reduction said that the Bay of Bengal catch sight of two cyclone. It’s not been long enough when they suffered from Cyclone Nargis that killed almost 4,000 people and nearly 3,000 others are unaccounted for. Millions of people are now homeless in Myanmar because of the disastrous calamity. The people should be taught of the safety precautions so that they can avoid massive destruction of properties and worst of all death.

The National Hurricane Center provides Hurricane Preparedness Week to inform the public of the hurricane hazards and to be well aware of the actions that can be done during this time. It will start on May 25 up to May 31, 2008. These actions that will be discussed will help save lives even you are at work, home or on the road. It would be best that we also share this knowledge to other countries like Myanmar to help them prevent property losses but most of all their loved one.


  1. rich said...
    It's a good sentiment, and it is a shame more people don't share it. If everyone in the world did a few things each day (assuming they don't already) to help raise awareness or make a small difference - imagine the benefit it would bring.

    But then sticking to our own resolutions is the best we can do, because every pebble can cause an avalanche
    Benny Greenberg said...
    I live in Florida - so being prepared for Hurricanes is a way of life. Some times it seems like overkill the repeated warnings and such - but - it is always better to be prepared!

    Hjörtur said...
    I sure have noticed the chances in the weather, and I do see the glaciers shrinking around me (I'm in Iceland).

    Have you seen the satellite pictures of Burma (Myanmar)? There you can see how far the sea goes up into the lands.

    You can see them here (the text is in Icelandic, but the picture tell enough):
    Diane Scott said...
    The one thing that occurs is a natural shift in climate. And since records really don't go back far enough to tell us if we should be freaking out (yet) or not, we may never know in this lifetime. Good post, thanks for an interesting read!
    Sogeshirtsguy said...
    Geez I sure hope Myanmar doesn't get hit again by another storm. That is the last thing they need. If only burma would have allowed supplies sooner.

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