Monday, May 05, 2008

They are Joe & Iggy (left to right). They have been best friends since we got here in Jakarta. Joe is my second baby (My first baby is in Manila his name is Bogart) and Iggy is my friend Nia's baby...Since Joe is really small I get to bring him and put him in my hand bag anywhere I go. He is really quite lucky as well as Iggy because they already gone to Singapore also. Hehehe! This picture was taken in my mom's house with her Chinese figurine as you can see when they visited Manila last December. I will try to look for their other pictures and post it here as well as Bogart's so that you get to see their cute poses. Ever since, I really love cute stuff like this...Joe and Bogart are just few of my babies...It always makes me feel young! And when I'm really tired or don't wanna think about anything I just take pictures of them and worst sometimes I talked to them specially if I'm angry atleast I get to release my feelings...Weird huh! But better that way than just slapping anyone that I could have come across with. Oh by the way, Iggy is a tiger though his stripes are a bit washed out he is a white tiger. In the future see more of their cute photos and places the've been and their hobbies. Joe and Iggy's favorite foods are fishballs from Old Changkee and Hokkaido bread from BreadTalk!


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