Thursday, May 15, 2008

After watching last night's performance, it was really no doubt that the two Davids will get the spot for the head to head competition next week. During the last few weeks of the competition David Cook is really making his mark, after the make over with his clothes and hair style, he looks really handsome. And not only that, he showed how talented he is not only vocally but as well as arranging his own songs. It was remarkable that he really got to pull off those female songs. After that "Always Be My Baby" song the more that I'm convinced that he is going to make it to the top! He is one true musician. This is really a very obvious result just like the last season of "American Idol". Syesha has a powerful voice however, the people right now are looking for something different, we have a lot of artists that have the same style like hers and even better, that goes also for David Archuleta, he is good but for his age singing old songs would really be quite inappropriate and besides he has a lot of time to develop his talent. With Cook, it's like he has been doing this since birth. I am really looking forward for his album!


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    Jennifer said...
    Now that its just the 2 David's left its so hard to say who will win. David Cook is by far the best artist. David A. is a very good singer but still too immature to really make it. But with most of the voters young girls, it could go either way. David Cook will make it either way.

    This is the post that I wrote after they last sang:
    kaikai said...
    david cook will be the next american idol!!!
    Lizzie said...
    David Cook will surely win this season! crossed finger... =p

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