Monday, June 30, 2008

As days passed by, intense heat is really being experienced here. Imagine a typhoon was just experienced only for a day, which before was a week or more. I don’t intend that we would experience flood and other problems with typhoons. However, it only shows the abnormality of the climate. I’ve gone out a couple of days already since I have to do errands and attend interviews and I really, really feel exhausted in an instant. Also, a bottle of water would only last for 30 minutes to me. And my skin darkened even though I am using an umbrella. It’s like I’ve been to a beach or went to a place for tanning...Just like last week when I went to an interview, just standing and waiting for a cab, my sweat is really like a river flowing down my clothes and when I got there, it’s like I have been a sponge that absorbed water from the bucket to wash a car. And to top it all off, my body feels really sticky! Yikes!

It is somehow scares me to go out that’s why if I don’t have anything to do even how much I wanted to roam around I would really just stay here and surf the net...And my air conditioner is on almost 24 hours, because the heat really suffocates me and giving me a headache. A friend of mine even told me that she normally take a bath 3-4 times a day. It is really frightening what is happening and I am thinking up to what level would it increase...Are the experts doing some research on how we can do something about it? Aside from the norms that is!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sony Digital Reader model PRS-505 a state of the art way of reading for people who are always on the go. It can act as a mobile library for it can store up to 160 e-books and has an expansion slot for those who are really into reading non-stop. So I bet, those book worms would really maximize the use of this amazing gadget.

Key Features are:

Compact and light weight-weighing 9 ounce without the soft cover
6 inch display using "Electronic Paper" makes it as easy on the eyes as other printer media
Display print quality of approximately 170 pixels per inch
Up to 7,500 continuous p
age turns with a single full battery charge
Integrated online e-book store has over 30,000 titles to choose from, ranging all major genres and subjects
From classics to best sellers, but your favorite
Internal memory capable of storing up to 160 books
Memory slot for optional memory stick duo media and SD
Memory cards - allows for storage of even more books
Desktop application makes downloading books, managing content and importing content very easy

As for me, I like to have this gadget especially now that I have to do a lot of reading wherever and whenever. It would really be a big help for me, so I won't be stuck in my room surrounded by big piles of books and review papers.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Thank God the rain already stopped. I wish that tomorrow will be a sunny day! As I am working on this, I am chatting with an old classmate in elementary. I was checking my “Facebook” account when he messaged me asking me how am I doing now, where do I work and so on...I remember that we call him “Siokoy” because of his last name resembling the Tagalog term of mermen. It’s really funny that even though years passed we are telling stories and saying things to each other like we are still in elementary...During those time, I always talk to him in an irritating tone, not only me actually even my seatmate. I don’t actually recall exactly when it started for us to be that way to him but one thing is for sure, it is because he always asked us to give him answers during exams...hehehehe...But he is a nice guy though, he would always asks us how are we doing when Monday comes... And would also share stories that made us laugh... And as he told me about our previous batch mates that there are quite a lot who got married already, he then shared with me the story of his latest break up... And again, he made me laugh! They both belonged in one group of friends and most of them got engaged or got married and some have plans of tying the knot. So one day, his ex-girlfriend asked him when they’re going to get married...weird? I know! Odd it may seem but he answered her that he planned to get married at the age of 32...which of course made her really furious! Hahahaha...He said that her facial expression was priceless... And as expected...not long enough they broke up and it’s been almost 2 years already since then but until now he doesn’t have a new girlfriend and he confessed that he still missed her sometimes but what can he do? He just wants to secure their future besides the girl is two years younger than him, so why worry? He exclaimed. It is not right that since everyone is getting engaged or married, she has to be as well, he added... it will be a different and difficult chapter in life so both should be prepared. I can’t stop giggling about it and not only that, he later told me that a friend of his is courting the girl he is just not sure whether they already are a couple...the more I thought how ridiculous she is of entertaining a friend of her ex-boyfriend or worst having his friend as her new boyfriend...My oh my! Similar to Beverly Hills 90210 or Melrose Place but not Dawson’s Creek that each of them are just exchanging partners...hehehe...He did manage to say that, hilarious! Anyway, he said that he is all right now and have moved on already. So it’s all good. I just want to share this before I go to bed...hehehe...It is raining again and lights are flickering, I’m off for now!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Whew! I really thought that I would not be able to get online and post an entry today. It has been raining since 2:00 AM, I didn’t get to sleep that much because of the strong winds and I’m kinda worried whether something will be flying towards my room. No electricity almost the whole day!!! It was really sudden because yesterday, when I went out the weather was still fine. Before I went to bed last night, I am chatting with a friend, and planning of going out today but of course due to this weather need not to say more what happened. As of this moment, the wind has weakened and hopefully the rain will soon stop for tomorrow’s plan. I know that I’ve been complaining of the hot weather a couple of weeks early but typhoon? That is really too much to cool us down. Hehehehe...

Usually, during this kind of weather, my mom will prepare foods that will keep us warm or will have a hot cup of tea or coco while we chat in the living room or watch TV together. It is really relaxing but if I will be going out, I really prefer, sunshine will touch my face in an early morning, it somehow boost my energy, unlike today that my brain is freezing already and trying so hard not to fall asleep. I want to start reading again but I just notice that the light flickered and I have a feeling that the electricity will be down again...So I guess, I will just have to end this now or else, my PC will be broken again if it will always shutdown improperly.

I will just try to be back online later and maybe get to do some rounds to other blogs when the power becomes stable. Ciao!

Where should I start? This is the first question that came into my mind this morning. Supposedly, today is my day 1 of the review but in every plan there is always something that shackles. And today, the thing that hindered me from starting was that I had to tag along with my sister’s family to the doctor. I’m not saying this to complain however, I just want to explain my side of the story... I’ve kept observing my niece’s eyes since last month and I’m sure that it gotten worst. I know that since birth her eyes have problems, for some reason her eyes are drifting away from each other that’s why since then I always asks her to close her eyes for a few seconds just to give it a rest...Last week, when I saw her eyes, I did ask her to do it again but when she opened her eyes it was still the same, so I really panicked and informed my mom about it, so we did bring her to an eye specialist and it was then proven that there is something wrong, she has astigmatism of 200 and a far sighted of 50. That’s one of the reasons why her eyes are moving away from each other and also being in front of the television closely. It forced the bad eye to see clearly that is why other moves unconditionally...But according to the doctor she just needs eye glasses which is a good thing than having it operated...So this morning was just a follow up check up to make sure that there are no other problems...So I was expecting since her dad is here, I don’t have to accompany my sis and her daughters there that I don’t have to wake up very early, so I can have enough rest and start my review. Sadly, it didn’t happen. So now, I re-plan for the schedule of my review and hopefully, no hassle!

I get to read the introduction before I wrote this post...but since I got up very early, I’m really sleepy and I will retire for now, and just anticipating a great day ahead of me later since it is already 12:00AM. I might edit this later ‘cause I’m really not sure whether I’m still aware of everything I wrote, so I have to note on this so I will remember what I have to do just in case the thought of this will disappear after I gone to bed.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

It has been years that I am planning to take up certification exams so I could have additional credentials for a better career growth. Finally, I am reviewing right now for my Cisco certification exam and eventually the Microsoft certification. This afternoon I went out to accompany my cousin to get a bank draft so she can apply for the NCLEX exam, she graduated 2 years ago with the B.S. Nursing degree and also passed her board exam in the first take. And that made me think of myself during my college years and the first time I looked for work. It was really difficult and somewhat annoying because most companies are looking for experienced applicants, which made me asked them, how are we going to have an experience if we will not be given a chance to work and prove that we are capable of the job? I know it is too arrogant of me to ask but don’t I have a point? I understand their purpose of looking for experienced workers that is to minimize the training and go directly to work however, there are a lot of companies or hospitals that lack manpower, just like in my cousin’s case, she submitted her resume to a lot of hospitals mostly the government owned hospitals which we all know, the number of patient versus the nurses are really not balanced. The more they would need additional helping hand to help more people in need of medical attention. Unfortunately, only a few replied and informed her that as of now they are still processing the 2007 applicants...WTF?! Anyway, she got a job in a provincial hospital where she came from so she said that she’ll stick to it for now while she is processing her NCLEX licensure. As for me, I like how my life has started again after a great hurricane hit me. It was really not easy to cope with the pain of losing someone who’s been a very big part of my life. I know that all of us will go through such trial but it really didn’t cross my mind that for me this is going to be IT! However, so long that my family and friends are there and most of all, the Creator, I know that I can fulfil every dreams that I have. Life is really difficult and full of obstacles...We just have to go through it sometimes for us to grow into a better person. I also want to share a couple of sites or blogs where I got my studying materials and also for my cousin’s preparation for her exam too. Links below:

Most Wanted Downloads

CCNA Ebooks Downloads

Free Cisco books

Computer Programming Ebooks

Free Tech Books


NCLEX Reviewer Download

CCNA, MCSE and more Downloads

Monday, June 16, 2008

Finally, I got a stable connection. I really missed getting online and work on my blog...I only had a few updates and visited some of the bloggers’ page a couple of weeks ago since my PC crashed and my ISP gone crazy. I am now, back with vengeance...hehehehe! I will be working on my domain soon...I really can’t wait to really be firing up with this online money making...Before I forget, I already got paid from my reviews...I was really surprised that it really happened. A few years back I already tried some of the online money making schemes however, I didn’t get lucky then, meaning I didn’t get anything even a cent for clicking and visiting those websites. So right now, since I experienced being paid for real and got the chance to find these opportunities, I will definitely work hard on this. Thank God, I really feel wonderful. As they say, there is always light at the end of the tunnel! I saw it now!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

At long last I am back online! It was 3 weeks ago when I reported my Internet connection and since my PC was also having problems then I really didn’t push my ISP about it, I just waited until I got my new PC which was 4 days ago. I set everything after I arrived from the store and expecting that by then the connection is back to normal but I was wrong...So I called up my ISP and made a follow up, unfortunately, they were having some problems with their system that they cannot check my account and suggested me to call after an hour. Of course, I called and once again the same reason was given to me and the worst part was this TSR really pissed me off with his Know-It-All tone and making you feel stupid with this kind of stuff. As a previous TSR as well for Linksys a couple of years back, I have done my basic troubleshooting and I know that not only that my ISP have a problem in their side but I know that my modem is faulty which I immediately informed that TSR but for someone who is just concern of the “Quantity” and not the “Quality”, he just advised me to do a power cycle. I told him that I have done that several times and even waited for hours not just a few seconds or minutes. And instead of suggesting or thinking of another option he just informed me about the system being down so he cannot check my records and will just file a report for someone to check it personally, so I told him that was the information I got the first day I reported it and no one visited to check and I requested if he can assign someone to be here the next day since this was reported 2 weeks ago (as of that moment). Once again, giving me the tone I really got mad and asked for a supervisor but as it normally goes there weren’t any. And he said that he will have his OIC to call me back, I asked for their name and told him that I will wait for the call. The next morning came but I haven’t heard anything no one called until noon so I made a follow up...Same scenario, what would you expect?! I have told my story a couple times and still no improvement...I lost my voice already been having severe headache due to their unrelated questions so I gave up, so much for SLA’s... God! So just to make the long story short since I am really having a headache thinking of what happened, I spoke with 20 different people (technical support representative not including the billing department and the field technicians) I gave them a deadline which was supposedly Saturday morning or I will just have it cut. However, they asked for an extension to prove their service but I never expected that there will be a good result and I was correct. Monday afternoon, I called up and told them that have their field technician to pick up their modem and cables in front of our house because I already removed it and I want to cancel my subscription and just so they are aware if ever the garbage collector comes before them they just have to search the dump site for that and I don’t care because I’m already fed up and hang up the phone, less than a minute someone called back and informed me that they will be coordinating with the field techs to prioritize my location but I said don’t bother and just have my request for cancellation be processed right away but she insisted and yesterday morning as I was supervising the installation of my new Internet connection she called up and asked if someone called me or been here already...So I told her that I don’t care because we are setting up the new one and she really sounded pissed. At least, for once I got them pissed. I just hope that they would learn their lesson to value their customer and would really work on the cases right away.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008