Saturday, May 10, 2008

Here are some more of Indonesian words...

Understand = Mengerti
Talk = Bicara, Ngomong, Ngobrol
Listen = Dengar
Shout = Seru
Time = Jam
Shy = Malu
Arrogant = Sombong
Blunt = Tanpa Basa-basi
Kind = Semacam
Liar = Pembohong
Mobile Phone = Ponsel
Help = Dibantu

It's not really difficult to learn Bahasa Indonesia because most of the basic terms have similarity in some dialects in the Philippines. If you find it weird or sounds funny, that's normal. I had the same reaction too, before I even told my brother that as if they just invented the words, just derive from the English language and tweak a little and it's already Indonesian. As an example:

Introduction = Introduksi
Perspective = Perspektif
Automatic = Otomatis
Oil = Oli (only applies to car oil though)
Identification = Identifikasi

And there are a lot more, but with that simplicity eventually you will appreciate it because you won't be having a hard time learning it. So until next time!


  1. baldeagle said...
    As my company gets more and more involved in Southeast Asia, I'm likely going to have to start learning some of the languages. Thanks for the quick lesson.
    Chris said...
    My kids will like this they love words from other languages
    AK said...
    Quite interesting to learn a few words of a foreign tongue. I always come across indonesian conversations in chatrooms, i might understand a lil'bit now ;)

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