Saturday, May 10, 2008

Each and every one of us experienced life's challenges. There are who conquered it courageously and some who let themselves be lost. No one is to be blame for we have different capabilities but with HIM, there is nothing that we cannot face. Once again, I wanted to share a prayer to all and most of all those who are going through a difficult time. A prayer from: Praying God's Promises

Lord God, you are everything to me. My spirit rejoices in you, my Savior. Thank you for seeking me when I was lost and for finding me. Thank you for choosing me to go forth and bear lasting fruit in your name. Thank you for enabling me to bear fruit for you, Lord. Without you, I can do nothing.

You are good, O Lord, and you are always ready to forgive. Thank you for your plentiful mercy in my life which I always receive when I call upon you. You are always there to help me; therefore, I will never be confounded. I have set my face like a flint, and I know that you will never let me be ashamed.

You truly are a very present help to me, and I am receiving your help even now as I pray. Thank you, Father. You are my refuge and strength, and because this is true, I will not fear anything or anyone.

You are in my midst, and I will not be moved. You are always there to help me speedily. You are with me, Lord. Knowing this, I will be still. I know that you are my God. Thank you for your constant help in my life, Lord.


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