Sunday, May 04, 2008

I have been aware of blogging and started doing it a few years ago but that was not the earning thing more on what is happening in my daily life which eventually stopped...Then I get to chat with someone, Lizzie and she introduced me in earning online by clicking ads that was I think 5 years ago but nothing happened because I got busy in my work and really had no time and most of payment processor was not available in the country where I live in. And then one day as I am surfing around, checking my mails and stuff, I saw Lizzie got online so after a few hi, hello & how you been doing? We started talking about how we will find a way of earning online, once again I started signing up to those PTC stuff...Not long enough I get to chat with my friend and colleague, Eva. We get to talked about one of our previous officemate who is already married and living in the US, Gracey...Eva told me that Gracey has been very busy blogging her way to millions...hehehehe! So, I got curious and asked Eva a lot of things about it and then I started to visit her site and decided to create my own blog and sign up for PayPerPost blog marketing, a system that allows you to earn while you express your thoughts not only about your personal stuff but as well as other things and also with this you get to meet people all across the globe, you will just be surprised that someone you don't know will just view your profile and then says hi to you and eventually become you friend. PayPerPost blog marketing is a way for everyone to be connected and be known. Now, I even invited a couple friends to join as well. So those out there that have the gift of writing their thoughts, join now and be connected!

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  1. eva said...
    cristy congrats galing galing naman.

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