Friday, May 30, 2008

I just had my Internet connection set up and I was really happy because finally I will be able to be online as long as I want and be able to start up with my website...I got the approval already for free hosting and also registered my domain name. Yehey! But, all of a sudden a lot of things are popping up in my pc and then I had to do a thorough scan an as I have suspected, spywares, viruses, malwares, etc. And after two days of scanning and finding a way of removing those empty folders still no luck, tried a couple of softwares and then suddenly while scanning there was a power interruption just for a second and made my modem go wacko! So, basic troubleshooting...I waited for the power to be stable, turned on the modem, wait for the lights to be stable specially the DSL, and then the PC. The DSL light starts blinking but still I waited...My PC tried to connect and eventually retires and gave me an invalid IP address, hit the repair button, did a release/renew in the command window but still no luck, did the power cycle several times, still remains the same. So I decided to report it to my ISP, ok as I have expected once again, they weren't such a help at all...They just said that they will monitor and give me a feedback within 24 hours but of course they didn't but last night the DSL light became steady, I thought everything is alright...Another broken dream, so I decided to retire...This morning, got back to checking and thinking of solutions, left it on to allow to check again if there are still left overs of those unwanted demons in my PC... as I got home this afternoon I tried to connect and still the same...hadn't had some rest for a couple of days already and so I decided to call again my ISP and told them everything again...So, he had me check the IP, clicked the repair button, ping a site...all gave a good sign of hope...He asked me to open up my browser and so I did and tried to go to a site, btw, I am using Mozilla Firefox for my browser for some reason it is having a problem it will just let me go to my homepage and when I try to access my mail it won't load, so the TSR told me to use other browsers which I don't have so told me to try the Windows Explorer and yeah it loaded (I felt stupid for forgetting to try that..hehehe...sorry). So I hang up and then tried to reinstall the browser but it still didn't work so right now I am using the Windows Explorer for now, and hopefully tomorrow I will try to reformat this PC because there are alot of other stuff going on here aside from the browser...I hope that after tomorrow, I will be stress free and be able to start working on my website! Please wait for the moment! Hehehehe...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have watched this season's American Idol since the very beginning and even watched the marathon last weekend, during the first parts I admit that I really like David A. because of him being young but manages to sing like that is stellar indeed and eventually as each finalists been eliminated and David C. performed "Always Be My Baby", he really swept me away and since that I bet that he is no doubt to be the next American Idol. He really proves that he is a talented person and remains humble that goes to David A. too. But when I saw the finals last night somehow, I am seeing a blurred vision of David C. being the winner as Simon declared that it was a "Knocked Out" performance to David A. although for me, it doesn't matter who wins because they both deserved it. But above all, I found David C. as a very compassionate person and really values family. The first time I saw him play the guitar, I already wondered what AC stands for and learned that it's "Adam Cook", David's brother who is going through a serious illness. It really touched my heart and felt how difficult it could be for him, to pull through this contest knowing that someone important to you is going through a tough time, so I really admired his presence of mind, maintains his composure and deliver his performance very well because as they say, "The Show Must Go On!". He is really showing his professionalism. And if you would really see though David C., he is really having a good time and enjoying every night's performance, not just after the title of "American Idol" but the break he got and been able to do what he loves to do is already something. Besides even if he doesn't get that he is gonna be a star. As for David A., I really give him the credit for this, normally he sings nasally but it was different last night, he has improved a lot and delivers more heart felt performances. Congratulations to both! And now I am looking forward for David C.'s album...hehehehe!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I really thought I wouldn't be able to published at least one post this weekend. I have been trying to fix my blog and widen it a bit to have more room on the side bars and then I came across a very, very helpful site and that is Annie's Blog University! Everything that I want is there but unfortunately, can't do it all right now because there are some limitations in my current template but the most important thing that I want to do right now is to create a hide/show option specially for my blog roll...I used the page element here in Blogger but for some reason when I move it in a different place my list will all disappear and I will have to re-do it. My gosh, really annoying, just for today I re-created it thrice...So don't bother to ask how many times in total...hahaha! Crazy! Yesterday, I already tried a couple of steps to tweak my page and got tired so if someone visited my site last night the right side bar had a gap from the middle page, I almost didn't sleep...There's something in me that when I am doing a task I wanna make sure that it will be finish right a way with good results but this time, it was really different...I gave up and almost started from scratch...but Annie's Blog gave me hope when I read her response in my email that I did a good job with a tricky hack, and so I worked on this for almost the whole day today, though I gave up with the adjustment of sidebars since the images are a bit small, so I will just deal with it next time...Ok, so back to my blog roll list if you will notice it is tidy now and doesn't go all the way down...neat! That is just one of Annie's remarkable work. And I really thank her for making a blog like that. It helped a lot of bloggers already and more to come. I recommend all of you to visit her blog, I bet you won't stop reading and blogging and tweaking your page! Great Job Annie! More to come!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

After watching last night's performance, it was really no doubt that the two Davids will get the spot for the head to head competition next week. During the last few weeks of the competition David Cook is really making his mark, after the make over with his clothes and hair style, he looks really handsome. And not only that, he showed how talented he is not only vocally but as well as arranging his own songs. It was remarkable that he really got to pull off those female songs. After that "Always Be My Baby" song the more that I'm convinced that he is going to make it to the top! He is one true musician. This is really a very obvious result just like the last season of "American Idol". Syesha has a powerful voice however, the people right now are looking for something different, we have a lot of artists that have the same style like hers and even better, that goes also for David Archuleta, he is good but for his age singing old songs would really be quite inappropriate and besides he has a lot of time to develop his talent. With Cook, it's like he has been doing this since birth. I am really looking forward for his album!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To everyone, I am sorry if I have removed some of my page element that I know some of you are supposed to use it... I am trying to fix my problem first and clarify things since I am just new in this to avoid future incidents...I am requesting for your utmost consideration regarding this very important matter...Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I had a very bad headache last night and slept early...Got up early today and checked my email and blog if there are new comments or messages...Again there are two thanks so much! I already planned that I will go to the office today even it's my day off since I have nothing to do at home at least here I can surf the Internet and do some chatting with my friends or visit more blogs and besides I need to meet with the HR so I came around 1:30PM checked out the HR first, since the person I am supposed to talked to was absent so I just left a message to the assistant then went to my computer...I opened my email...a lot of notifications again...trying to help a friend update her blog and also chatting with another...Suddenly, the HR person called me up and told me that I have to pay something to get the documents I need which I was not aware of and to my surprise it is not just a small amount...So my headache really is back and it is killing me...So the friend I am chatting with is telling me something about another blogger who got disabled or blocked by Google Adsense due to his harmful title, post or advertisement, I am not really sure because I can't concentrate already due to my headache...So got back to my inbox... As I checked my email, I notice a Google Adsense notification and saying that my account was disabled. I got shocked! And told my friend about it...So I checked my account and unfortunately I cannot open my Adsense account anymore...I sent an appeal and also a query for the exact reason why it got blocked, because honestly I am not sure which could cause conflict with it. Of course, I suspected those new elements I added so I tried to look for other blogs to confirm and so far what I have are almost the same with them...I even got less in my page...So it's not it and now I can't stop thinking...I am trying to isolate this problem. I checked the FAQs and in my opinion the very major offense there is clicking your own ads which I never intend to do it for me to earn...If ever there will be any of that it was caused of me testing the page element or the ads because there are some that would tell me that it's not working and I am just a new blogger, every changes in my blog I learn from trial and error, I am not an expert and with this bad Internet connection here that all of a sudden everything will have page error and pop ups are blocked or whatever flash needs to be installed... I am doing alternative testing which is clicking it but in my understanding since I am logged in to my account definitely it will not be considered a "click". So right now, I feel that the whole day was all a disappointment...Don't you think? I feel sad right now as I am striving to finish this post...I really hope that my account would be back for I never intend to cheat anyone and most of all myself. For now, all I can do is wait...and hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I was really surprised yesterday when I checked my blog, I saw comments!!! WOW!!! Sorry if I didn’t get to visit those wonderful people’s site yesterday because my attention was held by something (blog related, of course) that took me almost the whole day to finish… Well, that is what makes it hard being a newbie, I have to research, study and practice so that I can make use of those stuff in helping my blogging career to be successful.

Yesterday, I was looking for new Anime icons, pictures, .GIF files and I found this site I’m not sure though if the owner is Japanese anyway, it doesn’t matter for they have cute & funny .GIF files and because of my fondness to cute stuff and Anime, I downloaded a lot from that site…of course they uploaded it for sharing so I grabbed everything I liked… If anyone of you are interested to go in that website just click this link “Cute Anime Files”.

Before I forget, I would really like to thank those blog mates who took the time to share their thoughts and appreciate my work. I linked you all up! See you around!

Let’s BLOG It Up!

yeah baby

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I don’t know whether everyone is paying attention of the strange and sudden change of our weather or nature’s activity but every day it is getting more and more dangerous for us especially in those countries that are always hit by typhoons, storms, hurricane, floods, earthquake, natural calamity or whatever we call it. They are all the same, destructive! It is due to the sudden change of temperature and other elements.

Nowadays, we should not be just waiting for announcement or ignore what is happening around us because anything worst may happen. We should do something even in our own little way to prevent polluting our environment. According to Discovery News, Myanmar is yet to face another risk, a big storm this season. We all know that it is not rarely that Myanmar experienced cyclone however, by the end of May Yuichi Ono a program officer for the UN’s International Strategy for Disaster Reduction said that the Bay of Bengal catch sight of two cyclone. It’s not been long enough when they suffered from Cyclone Nargis that killed almost 4,000 people and nearly 3,000 others are unaccounted for. Millions of people are now homeless in Myanmar because of the disastrous calamity. The people should be taught of the safety precautions so that they can avoid massive destruction of properties and worst of all death.

The National Hurricane Center provides Hurricane Preparedness Week to inform the public of the hurricane hazards and to be well aware of the actions that can be done during this time. It will start on May 25 up to May 31, 2008. These actions that will be discussed will help save lives even you are at work, home or on the road. It would be best that we also share this knowledge to other countries like Myanmar to help them prevent property losses but most of all their loved one.

Each and every one of us experienced life's challenges. There are who conquered it courageously and some who let themselves be lost. No one is to be blame for we have different capabilities but with HIM, there is nothing that we cannot face. Once again, I wanted to share a prayer to all and most of all those who are going through a difficult time. A prayer from: Praying God's Promises

Lord God, you are everything to me. My spirit rejoices in you, my Savior. Thank you for seeking me when I was lost and for finding me. Thank you for choosing me to go forth and bear lasting fruit in your name. Thank you for enabling me to bear fruit for you, Lord. Without you, I can do nothing.

You are good, O Lord, and you are always ready to forgive. Thank you for your plentiful mercy in my life which I always receive when I call upon you. You are always there to help me; therefore, I will never be confounded. I have set my face like a flint, and I know that you will never let me be ashamed.

You truly are a very present help to me, and I am receiving your help even now as I pray. Thank you, Father. You are my refuge and strength, and because this is true, I will not fear anything or anyone.

You are in my midst, and I will not be moved. You are always there to help me speedily. You are with me, Lord. Knowing this, I will be still. I know that you are my God. Thank you for your constant help in my life, Lord.

Here are some more of Indonesian words...

Understand = Mengerti
Talk = Bicara, Ngomong, Ngobrol
Listen = Dengar
Shout = Seru
Time = Jam
Shy = Malu
Arrogant = Sombong
Blunt = Tanpa Basa-basi
Kind = Semacam
Liar = Pembohong
Mobile Phone = Ponsel
Help = Dibantu

It's not really difficult to learn Bahasa Indonesia because most of the basic terms have similarity in some dialects in the Philippines. If you find it weird or sounds funny, that's normal. I had the same reaction too, before I even told my brother that as if they just invented the words, just derive from the English language and tweak a little and it's already Indonesian. As an example:

Introduction = Introduksi
Perspective = Perspektif
Automatic = Otomatis
Oil = Oli (only applies to car oil though)
Identification = Identifikasi

And there are a lot more, but with that simplicity eventually you will appreciate it because you won't be having a hard time learning it. So until next time!

Ever since Ramielle got voted out, I slacked in watching American Idol. This week’s performance, I was just able to watch Jason’s Mr. Tambourine Man. So sad that he has to go but honestly, he didn’t impress me much. It’s like he is just there for fun didn’t really reinvent himself. But, I admit he is really damn gorgeous! He looks like a Greek god! Even with the dread locks he still looks great. I like the color of his eyes. Unfortunately, mostly thought that he manage to stay in the competition because the majority of the voters are women, that’s why he was lucky that he is good looking or else, he might not even made it in the top 10. Anyway, we will miss you and hopefully we’ll see you somewhere else Jason!!!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Have you ever been curious who is your angel? Who has been assigned to look after you from the very beginning? I just happen to know mine!

Born: Thursday
Presiding Archangel: Metatron
Assignation: Thought
Daily Affirmation: "I can create from the power of my own thoughts."

Celestial Title: Angel of the Covenant

Archangel Metatron, also referred to as the 'Chancellor of Heaven', and in some angelology circles is said to be more powerful than Gabriel or Michael. Metatron is assigned to the sustenance of mankind and holds the link between human and the divine. Consequently he is able to infiltrate earthly intelligence very easily. He supervises our thoughts and deeds and assists us in recording them for future access. Metatron's objective is to keep your thoughts free of clutter so that your are ready and able to receive the truths that will allow you to become the best you can be. He will help you connect to your own truth and higher self if you ask.

Metatron reminds us that everything begins with a thought. This angel sparks our imagination and fuels our own powers of manifestation.

Associations & Assignments

Like any entity charged with duties and responsibilities, Archangels have certain associations of creation that are engraved in the very fibers of their etheric being. They are handed specifics to govern. Its these assignments that bring them into this dimension where they can participate with us.

Celestial Order: Seraphim
Day: Watches over those born on Thursday
Chakra: Throat (5th)
Color: Lapis Blue
Planetary assignment: Earth (the only angel believed to be married to the Earth by God)
Main Issue: Communication, Self-expression
Sense: Sound/hearing
Fragrances/Incense/Oils: Chamomile, Myrrh
Crystals: Lapis lazuli, Turquoise, Aquamarine
Life Lesson: Personal expression
Altar suggestions: Piece of turquoise and a blue bowl for floating white rose candles; small bell representing sound and resonance; a collection of poems in a handmade box with various blue inlaid; turquoise/lapis lazuli necklace; a small bottle white for holy water or musk oil and of course, a Prayer Chest.

Do you want to know who your guiding angel is? Click Here!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Have you heard about blog? Or blogging? If yes, do you have one and how often do you update it? It has been quite long already when people all over the world started blogging. Blog is an online diary or journal, whatever you call it, it is consists of the author’s thoughts, experiences, interest and hobbies so basically it is a way of expressing oneself. But now, not only that you can express how you feel or share your ideas, you can also Make Money out of it! You want to know how? Bloggerwave has all the answers! The opportunity that all we are looking for is here! Don’t waste anymore time! Start blogging everyone!

Monday, May 05, 2008

They are Joe & Iggy (left to right). They have been best friends since we got here in Jakarta. Joe is my second baby (My first baby is in Manila his name is Bogart) and Iggy is my friend Nia's baby...Since Joe is really small I get to bring him and put him in my hand bag anywhere I go. He is really quite lucky as well as Iggy because they already gone to Singapore also. Hehehe! This picture was taken in my mom's house with her Chinese figurine as you can see when they visited Manila last December. I will try to look for their other pictures and post it here as well as Bogart's so that you get to see their cute poses. Ever since, I really love cute stuff like this...Joe and Bogart are just few of my babies...It always makes me feel young! And when I'm really tired or don't wanna think about anything I just take pictures of them and worst sometimes I talked to them specially if I'm angry atleast I get to release my feelings...Weird huh! But better that way than just slapping anyone that I could have come across with. Oh by the way, Iggy is a tiger though his stripes are a bit washed out he is a white tiger. In the future see more of their cute photos and places the've been and their hobbies. Joe and Iggy's favorite foods are fishballs from Old Changkee and Hokkaido bread from BreadTalk!

Finally after having a tough week in the office, I got my day off...I was trying to relax when I heard this music from Animax. I remembered again that I've heard this way back, one of the beautiful piece by Pachelbel. I even saw a taiwanese kid who played it in Youtube it was really amazing! Imagine how fast his fingers with those guitar strings. A very young kid who was able to play that piece is really magnificent! I've tried to play a guitar before and moving from one chord to the other is so crazy. His version has a faster tempo though but seeing him was really inspiring however, since my fingers are not flexible enough for guitar strings anymore, I just listen to it and helps me relax at the same time inspired to write so I'd rather stay with my computer's keyboard if not then I wouldn't be able to blog about this...I don't know if any of you here heard about it but, I really recommend it specially those who are interested in classical music. They say that listening to this kind is for older people but well, it depends actually. So that's it for now and I will continue to have a relaxing rest but tomorrow will be another blogging day for all of us!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Once again Linksys outclassed other budget or low-end routers in both short and long range performance. The Linksys Wireless-N Gigabit Router WRT310N with its sleek design and more superior capability, it projects that you don’t have to have a bulky box with a very big antenna to achieve good range in your wireless networks. I saw this for the first time when my best friend’s husband Rico went here, and had a convention about the new products of Linksys – A division of Cisco System held in Shangrila Hotel, Jakarta. Most of my officemates here went to see the presentation along with the other partners, showing off the different products being distributed by local companies here. It is really cute and compare to the old style (not the blue and black) the silver plastic thingy, this wireless N routers looks more sophisticated. Now, I’m thinking that it really has been a long time and there have been a lot of products released by Linksys which I don’t know about anymore…I really miss the old days…Ok back to the router, setup is never been difficult specially now that Linksys have this Desktop Application called the Linksys Easy Link Advisors which guide user, most of all the beginners to the step by step procedure from cable connection up to creating your password but of course the web utility will never be left of the scene because all advanced configurations like port forwarding and the like will have to be configured there. This new router offers new deep routing features in which you can avoid your Bit Torrent to mess up with your VoIP connection or set the gaming and streaming to trump others by customizing the priorities of your applications and web filtering where in you can prevent proxies (which we all hate), Java, Cookies and ActiveX compare to the common old routers that has WMM/QoS. This feature prevents viruses from infecting your network. So, I would probably just get one of this when I get home and set up a new network again…

In our everyday life, we always seek for what is best and strive for us to achieve it but do we also give our best to thank HIM and strive to get close to HIM? Well, it is up to each and everyone of us to answer that...I would just like to share with all of you this prayer from the book "Power of a Praying Woman"

Lord, I thank You for the abilities You have given me. Where I am lacking in skill help me to grow and improve so that I do my work well. Open doors of opportunity to use my skills and close doors that I am not to go through. Give me wisdom and direction about that. I commit my work to You, Lord, knowing You will establish it (Proverbs 16:3). May it always be that I love the work I do and be able to do the work I love. Establish the work of my hands so that what I do will find favor with others and be a blessing for many. May it always be glorifying to You.

I have been aware of blogging and started doing it a few years ago but that was not the earning thing more on what is happening in my daily life which eventually stopped...Then I get to chat with someone, Lizzie and she introduced me in earning online by clicking ads that was I think 5 years ago but nothing happened because I got busy in my work and really had no time and most of payment processor was not available in the country where I live in. And then one day as I am surfing around, checking my mails and stuff, I saw Lizzie got online so after a few hi, hello & how you been doing? We started talking about how we will find a way of earning online, once again I started signing up to those PTC stuff...Not long enough I get to chat with my friend and colleague, Eva. We get to talked about one of our previous officemate who is already married and living in the US, Gracey...Eva told me that Gracey has been very busy blogging her way to millions...hehehehe! So, I got curious and asked Eva a lot of things about it and then I started to visit her site and decided to create my own blog and sign up for PayPerPost blog marketing, a system that allows you to earn while you express your thoughts not only about your personal stuff but as well as other things and also with this you get to meet people all across the globe, you will just be surprised that someone you don't know will just view your profile and then says hi to you and eventually become you friend. PayPerPost blog marketing is a way for everyone to be connected and be known. Now, I even invited a couple friends to join as well. So those out there that have the gift of writing their thoughts, join now and be connected!

Before I left the office last night, for some reason everything just worked again...I was able to do my survey and blurted out my frustrations...Now, I am really happy that I get to open again all the sites and even have additional access as well...hihihihi! Thank you God for this! Somehow for me it is really boring that I am just listening to their music hear which I can't even understand and specially it is a Sunday so there are not too much to work on so it is really helpful that I get to browse the Internet, chat with my friends from home, get to earn online!

Alright, so the day has begun and so I shall continue my journey to the beautiful world of blogging and Internet surfing! I hope you guys will always make your way to visit me...Have a wonderful day ahead to you all!!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Since yesterday, I was having a problem already accessing every site that I normally visit, I don't know what the other user did to this PC but I am really frustrated! Tried a couple of things already, transferred from one PC to the other and still no luck. I haven't done my survey, my blogging because non of the sites are accessible...I am already leaving in a couple of weeks, I just hope that my stay would be worthwhile...I am really tired, did two shifts again...Haven't eaten anything because it is raining hard! Oh my! This is really an unbelievable day for me. I just hope that a miracle would happen that everything will work again smoothly (keeping my fingers crossed).

Thursday, May 01, 2008

It has been happening for quite a long time already...Different places are suffering from the unpredictable change of weather. As an example here, in the morning even before the clock strikes 6 the sun is really striking already and you would think that it's already 8:00AM. There were days that we experienced strong winds, deadly bolts of lightning and scary thunder even though it's not the wet season. The heat nowadays really causes a lot of kinds of skin diseases and also extreme dehydration. However, according to Discovery Channel, Global Warming will take its rest in the near future because of the natural shift of the ocean circulation. They predicted this based on the impending change of the Gulf Stream that also happened in the past. It weakens and cause a cooler temperature. However, in the next 20 years or so, it is expected that the global climate's temperature will warm up by 0.2 degrees Celsius (0.36 degrees Fahrenheit) per decade, the IPCC said. So, perhaps given that time, people should be thinking already what could be done to prevent this from happening before everything is too late.