Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Last Saturday was one of my good friends wedding, Isma. We’ve been friends since college and even though we live miles away from each other we are still good friends. We still share stories of ourselves with each other. I was really happy because we get to see each other after a couple of years as well as the rest of our barkadas. I almost cried because I was really happy to see them... God, I miss them so much! The wedding was so solemn and we really felt the love from both Isma and Cathy. I’m really proud of Isma; I was a witness of his ups and downs with love... I was his confidant even up to the last minute of his wedding he still seek for my good judgment and I was thankful for that, it shows he trust me that much. We really had a great time even it’s a bit short. The closeness with each other never changed amongst us. A lot of wacky photos, as we do during our college days... I’ve been looking at the photos taken during the wedding and I can’t help but smile and the more I remember how fun it was to be young. We decided that we would go out next weekend so that we would have more time catching up and I’m really looking forward to it. ‘Til then...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Missing is a difficult feeling... I say this because when you’re missing someone you feel uncomfortable, tense or agitated and you can’t sleep thinking of that person and things that he/she is doing. You remember that both of you do together, laughs, adventures and so on. So what should you do when you feel that you are missing someone? Perhaps, it can be expressed by saying it or inviting to go out just to see their face. But, what if it’s not possible for you to tell that someone that you miss her/him? I’m just curious, of how people deal with this kind of feeling or emotions. As for myself, I admit that it’s a non-stop thinking, wishing, day dreaming or whatever. That’s why I said it was difficult and most of all, what could be the reason you’re missing that person? It could be because you do things together and what if you just knew each other for quite a while? Is it possible to miss them that much? I received an SMS before that when you’re thinking someone it means that that someone is thinking of you too. According to science they said that there is somewhat a link between your minds. Do you think this is possible? Maybe..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The other day a friend of mine shared a website, Surf the Channel where she watches TV series. I remembered that I used to do that when I was in Jakarta during a weekend shift. Not much to do and just to stay awake and keep the boredom away, it’s either I watch online or do stuff with my site. Most of the last few weeks though I concentrated on furnishing my site since I get to watch DVD’s at home, that’s what I missed when I was there, my brother’s girlfriend would bring her collection and we would finish one full series or more, along with bunch of snacks... HEHEHEHE! Anyway, back with the website, it was really good and you have different options to where you are going to watch it if one fails. It buffers really fast, I got to update myself to one of my favourite series “Bones”. Now, I am up to “NCIS”. It just popped into my head to share this with you guys and at the same time update my site as well... I really love watching these series; they keep me busy and kind of help me widen my vocabulary, because I must admit for more than a year of not using English that often made me a little rusty... HAHAHAHA! Ok, so I’ll be back later, right now I’m just going to savour the moment of a rainy morning with a nice cup of cereals and a bunch of series online. ;)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Since this morning after I left work I’ve been thinking of what to write and what to do for the weekend... I fell asleep on the couch while my mind is generating what to write and woke up around 12 noon... I did some blog hopping and chatted with my friend Sheena who’s in the US right now and got me thinking of asking her a favour to buy me some pull over hoodies, *wink*. So after that, I still continue to think and browse some more pages and checked out some online stores and then decided to clean up some mess in my room. After finishing, my nanny asked me to come along with her to buy stuff in the market for our dinner... It’s quite difficult here where I live because you really have to go out to buy stuff... there are not too many shops or stores inside the subdivision or village whatever you call it... Around past 8 in the evening when my parents arrived and we all had dinner together...So imagine how long I’ve been trying to finish this entry... HAHAHAHA... And now, it’s half past 9 already and haven’t finished yet, just a couple of minutes ago I was watching this program about a guy who dreamed to be a famous singer and eventually reached his goal and heard the same song I’ve been hearing everyday on my way to work... Now, I know he sang it... The lyrics of the song are well composed and heart felt...That’s why I was able to write some more...HIHIHIHI... This is one of those days that I have lots of things in mind but can’t put it into words... I don’t know what is causing this but somehow I’m starting to get over it... I think!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Yes, I know that in the past weeks all you have been seeing in my site are not real posts from me. I have been adjusting back to the life that I had here. Been absorbing stuff at work as fast as I could so I can continue reviewing for my exams since I am really way out of schedule! My goodness, it has been tough but now I know I have adjusted well however, not the time though. I think that I can really, really make time for this during weekends but I hope that my body clock will be able to adjust as well. There are a lot of things that happened at work and I really enjoy being with my team right now, they are so friendly and most of the time we’re laughing ‘coz there’s this one guy whom they always make fun of (not in a bad way) if I am not mistaken, he is the youngest of all so just like teasing your baby brother, that’s what they do. And not only him, but also me, they keep on teasing me, telling me things like, I am an expert in what I am doing, I’m earning more than they are... The typical thoughts of people here in the Philippines when someone worked abroad already. Anyway, I know that it’s just their way of staying awake... Everyone experienced that...HAHAHAHA... and since most of them are guys having us in the team made them act differently. Next week, we’ll have different schedules I will be part of the front liners and will be handling new stuff again...I just hope that there’ll be no glitches. I will retire early ‘coz tomorrow I will be doing my reviews for my exam so I need all the rest that I can get to absorb all of it. Hope you guys will continue to visit my site, I will really find time to give updates and visit your sites as well. God speed to all!