Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How important is it nowadays to have access to the Internet? Do we consider it a necessity? Some may say yes and some no, I guess it is because of the convenience that they say it is a necessity. I do believe in this era we need to be fast in making efforts to excel in our own chosen path and of course in order for us to do that, we have to learn a lot of things. Alright, others would say you can search in the library or buy books depending on what you want to study. I understand that however, if having a fast and reliable Internet connection won’t you rather save time instead? Again, another concern will be brought up such as the cost. Well, if you would include the time in your calculation I believe that you would still save more in getting an Internet service and also, the Internet is not only for learning but also for business. It makes your business transaction way easier! And having said these, a reliable service that offers a fast connection almost the same as Home and DSL connection, Clear Internet! Clear provides users to stay connected, be updated and most of all, be on the go! Clear Wireless Internet uses 4G Wimax technology which allows you to download files, stream online movies and do video call 4x to 8x faster than 3G technologies. What makes it convenient is that with Clear, you can access the Internet anywhere within the Clear coverage area which is now expanding to more cities! No need to worry in setting it up as well because you can do it yourself, all you have to do is plug in the Clear modem to your laptop or desktop and you are good to go! For those that mobility is very important you do not have to fret about the modem because there is a USB modem that you can carry in your pocket. Now, enough said with how great Clear 4G Internet technology is because it still has a much greater deal, it is by choosing what package suits you not like other providers who only offers very few options. With Clear, it caters different kinds of Internet users from home user who are normally just checking emails, browsing the Internet and chatting online to those who are tech savvies who not only uses the Internet to check emails but also does their business online. The price range varies on the package you wish to get and you can learn more about it if you sign up today because Clear has Best Deals and Popular Plans for those who wish to experience the power of technology!


  1. JR041283 said...
    Internet is a necessity. computer is useless with a internet. A restaurant will not attrack customers without it. Grabe kahit saan meron internet at puro free Wifi Spots pa.

    Nice blog.

    BTW, you might found these interesting:

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    Thanks. Happy blogging.
    Heru Kurniawan said...
    Its so damn serious. All seemed well until suddenly, I can't connect to ANY wireless network that my card sees. Currently, I can see 4 wifi networks including my own. I cannot connect to any of the nonsecure networks. Mine has WAP security on it. When I try to connect to mine, it prompts me for my password, accepts it, but then I still can't connect.

    Ok, I will try to using your recomendation. I hope my problem will clear..

    Thanks for share

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