Thursday, October 29, 2009

Glad to have finished changing the template on my website in one day. I searched for new templates yesterday and managed to upload it as well mid day as well. Still had the time to put some additional stuff like the “Twit This!” at the bottom of my posts , I’m really happy to have found Annie’s site because for an amateur like me in this coding stuff, I’m sure that I won’t reach this far. I got my template from Skin Corner and browsed my way in Annie’s site for cool tweaking guides that helped me improve my page. I haven’t really finished everything but at least I won’t be worrying of skipping the day because you can navigate within as the elements are in their right places. There are a lot of nice templates in Skin Corner, I downloaded a couple but decided to use this because I feel refreshed looking at it. So simple yet unique! I really recommend to everyone these two for all your blogging needs!

Also, I just heard an update here at work that we will have a costumer party this Friday! My goodness! It was scheduled supposedly on Monday but our new boss decided to change it because according to her it’s late already if we are going to celebrate Halloween on Monday. Really not sure whether she is thinking straight or what, so little time to prepare and look for a costume besides I am not into that kind of stuff. So I was thinking of not going to work on Friday and according to the organizers of the event, anyone who is not in costume will pay 200 bucks. Well, I’d rather pay than tire myself in searching those malls after office hours because it’s really hot outside during the afternoon. Not only that, there are so many moms are also buying costumes for their kids for “Trick or Treating” this weekend. I bet when I get to the stores there will be no more stocks. I’m really frustrated with this!

That’s it for now, still have to come up with a plan. HEHEHE!


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