Friday, October 30, 2009

I was thinking of what to share with you guys since last night and just this morning I came up with telling a story. HEHEHE… As I mentioned yesterday we have a Halloween party and supposedly all should wear costumes. So one of my officemate just came in for the morning duty, I saw him that he doesn’t have anything unusual with him so I asked, here’s how the conversation goes:

Me: Ei …. You’re not wearing any costume for today?
Badingky Winky: No.
Me: They said that if you’re not going to then you have to pay the fine of 200 bucks.
Badingky Winky: F*ck Them!
Me: …….
Badingky Winky: I don’t give a d*mn!
Me: ……
*End of conversation*

After his reaction, we all stayed quiet for a few minutes, even the sound of the keyboards as you type suddenly stopped. And then my friend sent me an instant message saying that he’s just like that because there’s no other people especially the managers can hear him but he doesn’t really have the guts to say it up front. I just thought of the word "sinto-sinto" it is one of the common terms pertaining to craziness or any kind of mental disability. That’s the word for today! AHAHAHA…


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