Monday, November 16, 2009

Last Friday I was on a holiday but went to the office anyway because of Banchetto, it is an every Friday ritual when the clock strikes 12 midnight half the street of Emerald in Ortigas is closed, caterers and non caterers set up food stalls for them to sell different foods from a full meal to pastries, Mexican to Italian and of course native Filipino food! I went with my friends Grace and Ron. We had a very nice meal! I enjoyed the Blue Marlin Steak… YUM! After a great meal I stayed a couple of hours more just to be with some other friends in the office and since it’s Friday not too much work for them so we get to chit-chat. I went home around 5am since I still have to meet my friend JR Saturday morning for a little shopping spree in GreenHills and a basketball game in the afternoon, we joined this sort of basketball league along with other companies within the area just for a little extra-curricular activity but I’m just part of the audience… HEHEHEH! I felt great because again after a couple of months not going out it was the first! I get a chance to buy my mom what she has been asking me since September, I know I know! You may be thinking that I’m too lazy or whatever but I just don’t feel like going out alone, I like being with friends and enjoy sharing funny stuff. So we left for the game around 3pm as we still have to drop by the office to pick up Rye and Meg. I really enjoyed watching the game, Meg and I really pissed off the other team… HAHAHAHA! Even with just the two of us cheering, as if there’s a group… You can really hear our voices distracting the other players, and even our own team-mates were laughing at us and told us that we were crazy. It did pay off as they won the game! Yippee! I’m looking forward for another enjoyable weekend! =)


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