Sunday, November 01, 2009

I like to travel as much as I want to that I made a list of the countries I wanted to visit. So far I visited 2 from the list and still planning of completing the rest. One of the countries I wanted to visit is Australia, why? Well, really can’t say if this would answer the question but because I wanted to see a Koala… HEHEHE! I find them really cuddly and cute. Some of my friends told me before that it’s really nice there to live because of the cold weather, people are nice and life is simple. Alright back to travelling… What I always do when travelling is to get souvenirs in every place I’ve been to; it makes me feel fulfilled because of the new experiences to look forward to so something to remember is a must. I remember a friend who went there before for training told me that it’s normal for them to have a bottle of beer during lunch, how cool is that? They would walk around and feel the cool breeze of the wind; most of the shops there are closed at 5pm in where they stayed so when I asked him to buy me some stuff he does it during weekends. So since I planned of going there as well, I do some research over the Internet and get across this souvenir site where I saw a koala plush toy with a boomerang, so cute! Aboriginal souvenirs collection like road signs coasters, key rings or key chains, travel bags and the cool kangaroo art wooden notebook and pen that I consider great stuff. They also have handmade souvenirs like hand painted Australian native art canvasses & boomerang. Hopefully, I could visit Australia soon but of course if not I can always get that beautiful work of art through online.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    hi sis, gusto mo pala pumunta dun, sana sinama kita.... hehehe... koala keychains bigyan kita... hehehehe


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