Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It was in Siberian prison camp where Boris Kornfeld, a doctor and a Jew, met a Christian whose quiet faith and frequent recitation of the Lord’s Prayer saved him and many other prisoners.

One day, while repairing the artery of a guard injured in a knifing incident, Dr. Kornfeld seriously considered suturing the wound sloppily, so that the guard would just bleed to death. The thought appalled the doctor; he could not believe that hatred and violence he carried in his heart. In response, he found himself repeating the words of the nameless Christian prisoner: “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.”

After that experience, Kornfeld began to refuse to go along with some of the standard practices of the prison camp. He even went so far as to turn in an orderly who had stolen food from a dying patient. He knew that that put his life in danger, so he tried to spend as much time as possible in the relative safety of the hospital.

One afternoon, he examined a patient who had just been operated on for cancer. The patient’s eyes are face reflected deep spiritual misery and emptiness that moved Kornfeld to reach out to him. The doctor talked to the patient and shared with him an incredible confession of secret faith.

That night, someone sneaked in and smashed Kornfeld’s head while he was asleep. He dies a few hours later.

But Kornfeld’s testimony did not die with him. The patient who had heard Kornfeld’s confession was so touched that he became a Christian himself. And after he was freed from that prison camp, he went on to tell the world what he had learned. That prisoner became a great writer. His name is Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Testimonies are very important. They show that the Lord Jesus Christ is alive and is working great miracles in our lives. We who have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into our lives are living Bibles. Our words and actions have the power to bring people to Christ.

By staying faithful to the Word of God, we keep our testimony fresh. We continue to experience joy, peace and love and remain open to miracles. We experience God, we remain in communion with Him. And this is what generates the light in us, that radiant glow that shines through in our testimonies and attracts people to Christ.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn came to Christ though the testimony of one man. You can introduce people to Christ, too. You can begin in your workplace. I have personally seen a lot of people turn to Christ because of the testimonies of their Christian co-workers. Allow the Lord to use you and the power of your testimony to bring your co-workers to His Kingdom. Start today and do it through Christ who strengthens you.

-- One of the magnificent work of a well-known man in the world of business Francis J. Kong


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