Friday, August 08, 2008

This is really awesome! Not been long already when I started blogging and when I browse my friend’s blog I came across this site owned by Gisele, it really inspire me more to do blogging, why? Because of the cute stuff that she does, I know ...I know... How it is related? Well, Gisele is as she said in her profile love arts! She creates blog templates as a hobby not as a business...She shares her talent in art by designing stuff such as mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, coasters and more. Also, learning those coding stuff to create magnificent templates that gives your blog the attitude! It is really a WOW for me! So, basically it influenced me that really, blogging can be done by anyone whether what is your interests it’s just a matter of determination to learn new stuff to make use of your talent and also I get to use her template in my first blog! HEHEHEHE... Now, speaking of stuff she designs, my favourite? Is her Mad About Tea Ceramic Mug! I love to drink tea, it makes me feel healthy and of course drinking tea with a cute mug would make you want for more! Take a look at this...You might want to get a hold of this one because she is giving away Birdie Says mugs!


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