Thursday, August 07, 2008

A television series that I have watched during my high school years and the first series that I really admired, it aired from September 1996 to May 2000. It is about a man who attempts to prevent terrible events each day which he learns about by receiving the next day’s Chicago Sun-Times newspaper somewhat delivered by an orange tabby cat. I just saw an episode this morning in AXN and was surprised that it is being aired again. I really didn’t get to know the reason why it was stopped airing despite the fan efforts to save it, it just being aired by syndication the same month it was cancelled. The series was filmed within the Chicago area and the interior scenes were filmed in Illinois. The first season has 23 episodes which aired 28 of September 1996. The character of Gary Hobson played by Kyle Chandler was a stock broker who got thrown out by his wife one day after work and then after moving to Blackstone hotel there began the mysterious receiving of newspaper. The newspaper contains the next day events so Hobson, been consumed of preventing future tragedies to happen eventually quit the stock broking job and as he does this heroic act he uncover some of the mystery of the paper in the later episode of season 1. This series also received nomination and won a couple of awards from prestigious award giving body in the US. Just to give you a glimpse of this series here are some pictures...


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