Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Last year was the first time I spent my birthday away from my family although technically my brother was with me then in Jakarta, well, I meant the whole family... Normally, we will have dinner together & will be able to have some drinks (which doesn’t happen always). However, last year was different my brother just surprised me with a cake from The Harvest and celebrated my birthday with our housemate Raffy and Nia a very good friend. Sorry didn’t have pictures of that moment! Anyway, it’s all about the cake so, let’s continue...The Harvest is the very first pastry shop in Indonesia which started in 2004 and have 5 outlets in Jakarta. The founder Lal de Silva, borned in Sri Lanka got his hotel experienced in Australia when he migrated in 1981. He proved himself as one of the best chefs by garnering awards from different parts of the world. He worked for leading hotels around in Australia and also around the globe. Okay, so with this you will really think that it’s expensive well, you got that wrong! The pastries sold in The Harvest are very affordable! So you can experience hotel class pastries at the comfort of your own home.

I really wish that The Harvest will be available here because they really have lots of products that suits our taste. Here’s some pictures of their works...

This was for my this year's birthday, really had a hard time eating it 'cos I feel sorry for the cow...so cute! hehehehe


  1. michy said...
    i love all of them... huhuhu, i wish will be able to try them if ever i get to visit indonesia
    kaikai said...

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