Saturday, August 02, 2008

It’s been two months that I’ve been backed home and most of the time when I go out I take the MRT (Metro Railway Transit), although I’ve rode it before it feels different now. Why did I say that? Well, previously they say that it’s too expensive and not many are taking it so there’s plenty of room for you to be able to sit and enjoy the comfort of a traffic jammed free ride to your destination. After a couple of years, people tend to think the convenience and little by little it gets crowded but can still bear it. This time, due to the increasing gasoline price as well as the fare of other PUV (Public Utility Vehicle) passengers of the MRT are increasing more and more, so basically, what comes next?! INCONVENIENCE! It is expected that the more people used it the more crowded it will be and certain things would occur such as, stepping on someone’s foot, stumbling as you go inside the train, being pushed and accidentally leave your shoes or slippers behind, arguing or having a fight with co-passengers.

These things can be avoided if only people have DISCIPLINE. Yes, you read it right! I understand that all of us would want to be home as soon as possible after work but, don’t you think that pushing and blocking the way would do US any good? How are we going to step inside if we won’t allow people to go out in the first place? Aside from separating men and women, there should be a process or system of alighting and riding the train. Why can’t we let them go out first and just stay at the two sides of the door and let the people go out from the centre? I suggest this because this works in Singapore, even how many people are using the MRT. In my stay there I have never seen someone stumbled down just by riding or alight it, no one gets hurt & no pushing so, if they can do it why can’t we? Most of us who uses the MRT are professionals, educated people but when it comes to that we act like animals in the jungle who tend to over-power the other passengers, and worst is without considering that there are elders that can’t stand long because of weakness.

Let’s make a change people! Let’s start within us. We don’t have to always just suggest in the management what to do. We can do it on our own if we only give it a try.


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