Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ever since I was little I love chocolates, I remember that my mom would always scold me of eating chocolates because I would have tonsillitis & end up to the doctor, well that’s how kids are right? Anyway, my favourite is the white chocolates specially, Alpine! Which it saddens me that, I don’t see it anymore...So if, anyone knows where I can buy Alpine white chocolates leave me a message...HEHEHEHE! But, then I usually get to it the usual brown for the dark chocolates I’m really not fond of it because mostly are really bitter tasting...until I get to taste the Milky Way dark chocolate, so I started liking the dark chocolate two years ago, but same as Alpine, I’m having a hard time finding the Milky Way dark chocolate, the last time I get to eat it was a month ago when my friend from the U.S. brought some. Since last week, I’ve been craving for chocolates but don’t get contented of those that I bought and ended giving it to the kids here at home...HIHIHIHI... I reminded them to brush their teeth, don’t worry! So, just today as I was talking to my sister, I saw something on her table...My eyes twinkle when I saw M&M’s in a different shade of packaging...It was dark chocolate! Honestly, it’s the first time I saw this one, pardon me! Although, it’s too sweet for a dark chocolate but somehow it satisfied my cravings for chocolates. Hurray for M&M’s dark chocolate! HEHEHEHE

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