Saturday, August 16, 2008

These past few days I’m exhausted from going to one interview to the other... And it has finally paid off! Yes, after more than two months of searching I finally got a job that I like! Yipeee!!! When I got back 2 months ago, I was expecting that it would really be easy to get one but for some reason it’s not that easy as well...because they thought I would really asked too much just by looking in my credentials, and that’s the usual comment or feedback that I would receive... Gosh! Well, who wouldn’t want to have a really high paying salary? It’s just that right now, I want to be on the normal pace... Don’t want to rush things up since I am starting a new life in a whole new perspective! Although, the pay they offer me is reasonable enough. Indeed, struggles in life make you tougher and smarter. Right now, I am really excited to start on my new life. I’ve been through a lot these past 2 years... I did struggle to make things work out and dwelled in the past and now I know I have finally moved on the moment I set foot home. It really felt a little weird and scary at the beginning but eventually, it felt rewarding that I get to overcome that trial in my life, of course, thanks to my family and friends, now I am a new “ME”. Most of all, thanks to the Father, who never leave my side and I really felt it, His guidance! I just want to share this great news and this prayer of thanks.

For all You have given,Thank You God.
For all You have withheld,Thank You God.
For all You have withdrawn,Thank You God.
For all You have permitted,Thank You God.
For all You have prevented,Thank You God.
For all You have forgiven me,Thank You God.
For all You have prepared for me,Thank You God.
For the death You have chosen for me,Thank you God.
For the place you are keeping for me in heaven,Thank You God.
For having created me to love You for eternity,Thank You God.


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