Wednesday, July 16, 2008

These pictures were taken mid last year when I had to exit to Singapore. So I brought Joe and Iggy with me. We just stroll around and killed the time in Raffles Place. Also, our favourite MRT station in the green lane in Singapore... HEHEHEHE!

On the plane going to Singapore...Joe and Iggy waiting for the food to be served...(We are hungry! Where is the food? Are we in the business class?...Gosh, these two are so...grrr!!)

Good thing the seat was empty, they get to sit and feel comfortable during the flight...but for some reason Iggy (on the left) was feeling a bit dizzy that's why he is leaning towards Joe almost fell...hihihihi

And our favorite MRT stop just sounds funny specially if you are going to base it in tagalog...hihihihi...


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