Friday, July 11, 2008

It has been a known problem in every computer, everywhere in the world and now aside from those viruses, malware, spyware or adware whatever you call it the phishing that continues to invade everyone’s privacy. There have been increase incidents of such. That is why more and more programs are being launched and improved to avoid such problems. Everyone has to be careful and to be meticulous in visiting a website or installing & downloading programs specially that from an unknown publisher. Because we cannot surely tell if they are safe, nowadays, there are tools that can help you determine if a website is harmful or not and will also be protecting your system from unauthorized installation. According to experts there are programs or software that the moment you open it or try to install it, would alter your registry which eventually cause you more problems! There is a couple of free software that have been proven effective, that can ease your mind from these stuff. Try to check out these links below to review which will suit your needs. I hope these help.

Ad-Aware by Lavasoft
Spyware Terminator
AVG Anti Virus and Internet Security
Avast Anti Virus

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