Monday, July 14, 2008

As years go by, more and more women choose to be single. It’s not that they don’t want to get married but won’t be rushing into it just for the sake of having a “married” status. Who wouldn’t want to love and be love by a guy and share the rest of their lives together? Who wouldn’t want to feel the chills when her boyfriend asks her to marry him? Who wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle wearing the wedding dress she dreamed of?

Earlier today, I read an article which different women in their late 20’s saying that being single is not a bad thing. This is definitely true! Why is that? First of all, you get to do things the way you wanted it and go to places you desire. I agree that it would be better if you enjoy your trip with your boyfriend but aren’t you going to enjoy if you are with your friends? Of course not! Being single is not a curse; that you have to hide from the world. It is the 21st century and we are now into women empowerment. Most of the women are competitive and career oriented. I am not saying that you have to ignore or suggest you not wanting to have a love life but why pressure yourself if there isn’t someone out there for you? Perhaps the right guy hasn’t reached your location, so while you are waiting for the two of you to cross paths just enjoy life and be what you want to be. Being single is rewarding and it is the best time of your life! Don’t pity yourself. It is the right time for you to concentrate on your career and achieve the goals you are aiming to. Don’t be stuck in the concept that it is lonely being single. It’s not true. Being happy is a choice, so you just have to make a choice whether you will drown yourself in sadness or be HAPPY! Don’t let those old fashion opinions affect you. Just live it up!

Here are some tips on how to enjoy being single (an article in wikiHow):

  1. Say yes to every opportunity to learn, grow and meet new people.
  2. Be grateful for what you have. After the grieving period, focus on what you do have for example, good health and a good support system of family and friends.
  3. Don't be afraid to invest yourself in deep relationships with other people. You don't have to be dating somebody to have an intimate and fulfilling relationship with them. Don't be afraid to open up and be vulnerable sometimes.
  4. Decide for yourself if there are aspects of your life or your personality that you would like to change and do it. You are your best evaluator. You don't need to listen to those people who tell you that you are single because you are too "picky", too fat, or too old to meet someone else.
  5. Ignore the toxic people in your life. It is easy to recognize them. Their negative words of fear and discouragement sap your energy.
  6. Think about all the things you can do because you are now single. You could take off and go traveling without discussing it with somebody else. You can watch TV all day without being called lazy. You don't actually have to do these things but, sometimes, just the knowledge that you could is enough to make you feel great.
  7. Invest in yourself. Save some money and get a professional massage. Get a manicure and pedicure.... anything that nurtures your body and lifts your spirit.


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