Saturday, July 26, 2008


If you see that you have become like water
that my palms no longer cup you-
dripping away
out to the river of both strange and familiar currents
then ask me-
I will not freeze you here

Or if you would rather stray away from the pastures where I keep you,
if you ache and break for tales I could never have told
or known,
though you are the only one I shepherd,
I will let you race till you have satisfied your life's story

and I will be sitting here
where you have always known me to be,
just waiting for the right moment
for you to remember
that I too ache and break for stories you've never told,
hoping to unravel how your heroes
constantly draw you away
from this unchanging place.

So that perhaps, you would realize
how slowly I am becoming the myth
in this poignant story of ours.

I have kept faith
and borne myself into this gray state
with your every leaving
desperately hoping
that after the sun sets down
and bathes crimson on your epic setting,
you would not forget
to go home

and spend the night with me.


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