Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ever since I was a kid I love drinking Yakult. I really don’t know why. Some would say that it taste weird and some says like spoiled milk. They would ask me what benefits would I get from drinking it, I really find it helpful in my digestion and I feel like I’m a kid again. HAHAHAHA! For me it’s better than drinking soda which makes my tummy really big. That’s why at home they would buy 3 packs of it nowadays, 2 for my nieces and of course the extra is for yours truly. ‘Coz one time they got surprised and my nieces cried not seeing their Yakult in the fridge. I heard one of my nieces said “It was just there earlier, I saw it! Where did it go?” I felt guilty, that’s why my dad reminded mom, don’t forget that there are three children here, pertaining to me as the third one (daddy’s little girl), ROFLMAO! And now I’m drinking one that’s why I thought of writing about it. Childish! I just wish that they would have big sizes...HEHEHEHE!


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