Monday, June 30, 2008

As days passed by, intense heat is really being experienced here. Imagine a typhoon was just experienced only for a day, which before was a week or more. I don’t intend that we would experience flood and other problems with typhoons. However, it only shows the abnormality of the climate. I’ve gone out a couple of days already since I have to do errands and attend interviews and I really, really feel exhausted in an instant. Also, a bottle of water would only last for 30 minutes to me. And my skin darkened even though I am using an umbrella. It’s like I’ve been to a beach or went to a place for tanning...Just like last week when I went to an interview, just standing and waiting for a cab, my sweat is really like a river flowing down my clothes and when I got there, it’s like I have been a sponge that absorbed water from the bucket to wash a car. And to top it all off, my body feels really sticky! Yikes!

It is somehow scares me to go out that’s why if I don’t have anything to do even how much I wanted to roam around I would really just stay here and surf the net...And my air conditioner is on almost 24 hours, because the heat really suffocates me and giving me a headache. A friend of mine even told me that she normally take a bath 3-4 times a day. It is really frightening what is happening and I am thinking up to what level would it increase...Are the experts doing some research on how we can do something about it? Aside from the norms that is!


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