Friday, June 20, 2008

It has been years that I am planning to take up certification exams so I could have additional credentials for a better career growth. Finally, I am reviewing right now for my Cisco certification exam and eventually the Microsoft certification. This afternoon I went out to accompany my cousin to get a bank draft so she can apply for the NCLEX exam, she graduated 2 years ago with the B.S. Nursing degree and also passed her board exam in the first take. And that made me think of myself during my college years and the first time I looked for work. It was really difficult and somewhat annoying because most companies are looking for experienced applicants, which made me asked them, how are we going to have an experience if we will not be given a chance to work and prove that we are capable of the job? I know it is too arrogant of me to ask but don’t I have a point? I understand their purpose of looking for experienced workers that is to minimize the training and go directly to work however, there are a lot of companies or hospitals that lack manpower, just like in my cousin’s case, she submitted her resume to a lot of hospitals mostly the government owned hospitals which we all know, the number of patient versus the nurses are really not balanced. The more they would need additional helping hand to help more people in need of medical attention. Unfortunately, only a few replied and informed her that as of now they are still processing the 2007 applicants...WTF?! Anyway, she got a job in a provincial hospital where she came from so she said that she’ll stick to it for now while she is processing her NCLEX licensure. As for me, I like how my life has started again after a great hurricane hit me. It was really not easy to cope with the pain of losing someone who’s been a very big part of my life. I know that all of us will go through such trial but it really didn’t cross my mind that for me this is going to be IT! However, so long that my family and friends are there and most of all, the Creator, I know that I can fulfil every dreams that I have. Life is really difficult and full of obstacles...We just have to go through it sometimes for us to grow into a better person. I also want to share a couple of sites or blogs where I got my studying materials and also for my cousin’s preparation for her exam too. Links below:

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NCLEX Reviewer Download

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