Wednesday, June 11, 2008

At long last I am back online! It was 3 weeks ago when I reported my Internet connection and since my PC was also having problems then I really didn’t push my ISP about it, I just waited until I got my new PC which was 4 days ago. I set everything after I arrived from the store and expecting that by then the connection is back to normal but I was wrong...So I called up my ISP and made a follow up, unfortunately, they were having some problems with their system that they cannot check my account and suggested me to call after an hour. Of course, I called and once again the same reason was given to me and the worst part was this TSR really pissed me off with his Know-It-All tone and making you feel stupid with this kind of stuff. As a previous TSR as well for Linksys a couple of years back, I have done my basic troubleshooting and I know that not only that my ISP have a problem in their side but I know that my modem is faulty which I immediately informed that TSR but for someone who is just concern of the “Quantity” and not the “Quality”, he just advised me to do a power cycle. I told him that I have done that several times and even waited for hours not just a few seconds or minutes. And instead of suggesting or thinking of another option he just informed me about the system being down so he cannot check my records and will just file a report for someone to check it personally, so I told him that was the information I got the first day I reported it and no one visited to check and I requested if he can assign someone to be here the next day since this was reported 2 weeks ago (as of that moment). Once again, giving me the tone I really got mad and asked for a supervisor but as it normally goes there weren’t any. And he said that he will have his OIC to call me back, I asked for their name and told him that I will wait for the call. The next morning came but I haven’t heard anything no one called until noon so I made a follow up...Same scenario, what would you expect?! I have told my story a couple times and still no improvement...I lost my voice already been having severe headache due to their unrelated questions so I gave up, so much for SLA’s... God! So just to make the long story short since I am really having a headache thinking of what happened, I spoke with 20 different people (technical support representative not including the billing department and the field technicians) I gave them a deadline which was supposedly Saturday morning or I will just have it cut. However, they asked for an extension to prove their service but I never expected that there will be a good result and I was correct. Monday afternoon, I called up and told them that have their field technician to pick up their modem and cables in front of our house because I already removed it and I want to cancel my subscription and just so they are aware if ever the garbage collector comes before them they just have to search the dump site for that and I don’t care because I’m already fed up and hang up the phone, less than a minute someone called back and informed me that they will be coordinating with the field techs to prioritize my location but I said don’t bother and just have my request for cancellation be processed right away but she insisted and yesterday morning as I was supervising the installation of my new Internet connection she called up and asked if someone called me or been here already...So I told her that I don’t care because we are setting up the new one and she really sounded pissed. At least, for once I got them pissed. I just hope that they would learn their lesson to value their customer and would really work on the cases right away.

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  1. Gracey said...
    I hear yah, mami. That would totally piss me of if that was me. If he can't do his job right, escalate the concern to someone who knows what to do, aight? Anyhow, are you still in Jakarta? Miss you na!

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