Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where should I start? This is the first question that came into my mind this morning. Supposedly, today is my day 1 of the review but in every plan there is always something that shackles. And today, the thing that hindered me from starting was that I had to tag along with my sister’s family to the doctor. I’m not saying this to complain however, I just want to explain my side of the story... I’ve kept observing my niece’s eyes since last month and I’m sure that it gotten worst. I know that since birth her eyes have problems, for some reason her eyes are drifting away from each other that’s why since then I always asks her to close her eyes for a few seconds just to give it a rest...Last week, when I saw her eyes, I did ask her to do it again but when she opened her eyes it was still the same, so I really panicked and informed my mom about it, so we did bring her to an eye specialist and it was then proven that there is something wrong, she has astigmatism of 200 and a far sighted of 50. That’s one of the reasons why her eyes are moving away from each other and also being in front of the television closely. It forced the bad eye to see clearly that is why other moves unconditionally...But according to the doctor she just needs eye glasses which is a good thing than having it operated...So this morning was just a follow up check up to make sure that there are no other problems...So I was expecting since her dad is here, I don’t have to accompany my sis and her daughters there that I don’t have to wake up very early, so I can have enough rest and start my review. Sadly, it didn’t happen. So now, I re-plan for the schedule of my review and hopefully, no hassle!

I get to read the introduction before I wrote this post...but since I got up very early, I’m really sleepy and I will retire for now, and just anticipating a great day ahead of me later since it is already 12:00AM. I might edit this later ‘cause I’m really not sure whether I’m still aware of everything I wrote, so I have to note on this so I will remember what I have to do just in case the thought of this will disappear after I gone to bed.


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