Monday, June 23, 2008

Old Friend...

Thank God the rain already stopped. I wish that tomorrow will be a sunny day! As I am working on this, I am chatting with an old classmate in elementary. I was checking my “Facebook” account when he messaged me asking me how am I doing now, where do I work and so on...I remember that we call him “Siokoy” because of his last name resembling the Tagalog term of mermen. It’s really funny that even though years passed we are telling stories and saying things to each other like we are still in elementary...During those time, I always talk to him in an irritating tone, not only me actually even my seatmate. I don’t actually recall exactly when it started for us to be that way to him but one thing is for sure, it is because he always asked us to give him answers during exams...hehehehe...But he is a nice guy though, he would always asks us how are we doing when Monday comes... And would also share stories that made us laugh... And as he told me about our previous batch mates that there are quite a lot who got married already, he then shared with me the story of his latest break up... And again, he made me laugh! They both belonged in one group of friends and most of them got engaged or got married and some have plans of tying the knot. So one day, his ex-girlfriend asked him when they’re going to get married...weird? I know! Odd it may seem but he answered her that he planned to get married at the age of 32...which of course made her really furious! Hahahaha...He said that her facial expression was priceless... And as expected...not long enough they broke up and it’s been almost 2 years already since then but until now he doesn’t have a new girlfriend and he confessed that he still missed her sometimes but what can he do? He just wants to secure their future besides the girl is two years younger than him, so why worry? He exclaimed. It is not right that since everyone is getting engaged or married, she has to be as well, he added... it will be a different and difficult chapter in life so both should be prepared. I can’t stop giggling about it and not only that, he later told me that a friend of his is courting the girl he is just not sure whether they already are a couple...the more I thought how ridiculous she is of entertaining a friend of her ex-boyfriend or worst having his friend as her new boyfriend...My oh my! Similar to Beverly Hills 90210 or Melrose Place but not Dawson’s Creek that each of them are just exchanging partners...hehehe...He did manage to say that, hilarious! Anyway, he said that he is all right now and have moved on already. So it’s all good. I just want to share this before I go to bed...hehehe...It is raining again and lights are flickering, I’m off for now!


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