Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend in the office...nice huh? Of course aside from updating my blog I also looked for some jobs back home, since I will be home soon I have to search and get a new one...I updated my resume and logged on to a job search engine, when I tried to upload my resume it exceeded the alloted size so of course I had to do some friend Vanessa was online and we've been chatting along with Jules earlier so I asked her what can I do to reduce the size of my document? A brilliant idea came to her and suggested me to remove my picture, nice one! And then blabber about resizing the picture instead and giving me instructions and when I told her I don't see what she is telling me to look for turn out telling me that she's also not sure what she is telling me...alright, so I decided to do it on my own and was successful(I didn't realize that the size of the picture on my resume was too big!). The three of us also talked about a former colleague whom now is working in a different company and getting a high salary!!! That guy was actually obsessed with Vanessa that's why both Jules and I told her to get in touch with him so we can get some details where to submit our resumes but of course Vanessa opted and told us that she might again receive an email from the guy's GF telling her to stay away from him (duh! As if! hehehehe!). That option of course cannot be done so I am now doing my research to where and whom I can submit my resume for that company...I just really hope it won't take much time before I get a job back home...


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