Thursday, April 24, 2008

It is my first day again from my two days off...I'm really tired of going in the office...I feel really bored of my routine. I want to have more challenging task where I could learn more. We are now having upgrades with our SMS router that keeps on causing problems since last week...thousands of complaints are forwarded in our call center and of course escalated to us in the Network Operations Center but since we don't know which caused the problem, I cannot say anything to them, I just released the network advisory but they keep on calling and asking...what is not clear in this statement "being investigated"? Sometimes, I really wonder if my screws are loosing up or it's really them that have some brain problem...My God! Go get your dictionaries and try to learn more vocabulary!(I really wanted to tell them this) I am caught in the middle of a communication problem between the vendor and the staff here in the office, the good thing is that it will not be that long for me to bear with this, I'm going home at last...


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