Friday, April 25, 2008

First Time?

I just wanna share how I felt when I post my first review/ad a few minutes ago...I was really nervous! It's like everything is new again...I know that I just started blogging although I got the hang of it already but for some reason, I felt nervous and I don't know what to do when I started my first review/ad...Maybe I was scared of making mistakes and won't be able to get approved, so what I did was to check out my friend Eva's blog and look at the source code for me to know where I should put the images, links and all. It was successful that's why after the nervousness now comes the feeling of happiness and excitement...I know that there are a lot of opportunities that awaits me and I am very much looking forward to that! I am enjoying this more than ever specially that I have friends who supports me. Thanks to my friends, blogmates and to the future subscribers of my blog. Happy blogging everyone!


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