Monday, April 21, 2008

Once in a while, I watch movies in a movie house just to observe the writer's creativity in terms of the sound effects, CG (cos if you watch at home the quality differs) and also if the actors or actresses portray the roles are my favorites. Last night, we decided to watch "The Forbidden Kingdom" the first ever movie teamed up by martial arts legends Jackie Chan and Jet Li. I really thought it was a very serious movie because since I have been busy in my work and mostly I watch DVD's (series) at home I'm somehow not updated with the movies that to be release or being shown...I was really amazed with the scenery...very beautiful! I mean who would have thought that there are places like that? As for their fight scene inside a temple was really awesome...even though some might say that they are old already for that, you really can't deny the fact that they are really, really GREAT!!! Also, they are still good looking men for their age (blushing)...It was really fun, not just the typical Chinese movies with all martial arts and fighting and blood scattered everywhere...I felt sorry for Michael for being kicked, punched..etc but definitely, it was a really good experience working with those two. The girl who played the Golden Sparrow and the White Witch were not bad as well...they are also very pretty...It was not really a heavy comedy or action or drama film but for me it was well written and created. I really recommend watching the movie. I would really watch it again...


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