Sunday, April 27, 2008

An amazing voice, I recently heard from a new artist who was discovered by Simon Cowell. I know…I know, I have been busy so I didn’t get updated with what is happening in the outside world until I started blogging…Back to that…Yes, that’s right no other than Leona Lewis who has conquered the number one spot in UK and now in the US billboard with her second single. I first saw her perform in last week’s American Idol elimination night, and I really fell in love with her voice and her song Bleeding Love, it's very catchy! I find her ordinary looking unlike Beyonce or Alicia Keys that really shows the curves and figures but for me even how simple she dressed or looks but she got the X Factor which she is worth winning in UK, Leona is really hot! I like the way she sang it, the fading effect or husky style in her voice does it all! Simon really is fantastic in seeking artists. They really have the potential of becoming popular in the music industry. That makes me think that the voters in A.I. mostly based their judgment with his criticism or whatever you will call it…Look how beautiful she is…She will definitely conquer the airwaves…


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