Monday, October 19, 2009

Yet again… almost another month and here I am struggling for something to write… A lot of things happened and maybe I just can’t figure out which one to write about first. To start with, a very disastrous typhoons that hit the country, many people lost their loved ones along with their houses. Some areas are still flooded which caused people to stay in the evacuation centers in an indefinite time. Many were asking what has become of the people and why is it happening to us? Some would say it’s a wake-up call and that we must repent from our sins. There are scientific explanations as well from the experts. But, which one is true? What should we believe in? These are questions that could have many answers and explanations but I guess it depends on each one of us how we will see it. It’s just a matter of choice and importance. Good news though, that there are government and non-government organizations who are actively doing their part in helping the typhoon victims. Hopefully, that they will continue this charity work and may all of us do our share to help even in our own little ways. That's it for now, I'm just going to do a major overhaul of my brain.

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    Was here...

    Yes, it also saddened me knowing how the number of the typhoon victims increases. How could families who had lost their shelters, loved ones and precious positions survived this tragic blow? I just could hope and offer a prayer. And glad to know that as nation we were re-united, extending help and support to all afflicted.


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