Saturday, October 11, 2008

Since this morning after I left work I’ve been thinking of what to write and what to do for the weekend... I fell asleep on the couch while my mind is generating what to write and woke up around 12 noon... I did some blog hopping and chatted with my friend Sheena who’s in the US right now and got me thinking of asking her a favour to buy me some pull over hoodies, *wink*. So after that, I still continue to think and browse some more pages and checked out some online stores and then decided to clean up some mess in my room. After finishing, my nanny asked me to come along with her to buy stuff in the market for our dinner... It’s quite difficult here where I live because you really have to go out to buy stuff... there are not too many shops or stores inside the subdivision or village whatever you call it... Around past 8 in the evening when my parents arrived and we all had dinner together...So imagine how long I’ve been trying to finish this entry... HAHAHAHA... And now, it’s half past 9 already and haven’t finished yet, just a couple of minutes ago I was watching this program about a guy who dreamed to be a famous singer and eventually reached his goal and heard the same song I’ve been hearing everyday on my way to work... Now, I know he sang it... The lyrics of the song are well composed and heart felt...That’s why I was able to write some more...HIHIHIHI... This is one of those days that I have lots of things in mind but can’t put it into words... I don’t know what is causing this but somehow I’m starting to get over it... I think!

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