Monday, October 20, 2008


Missing is a difficult feeling... I say this because when you’re missing someone you feel uncomfortable, tense or agitated and you can’t sleep thinking of that person and things that he/she is doing. You remember that both of you do together, laughs, adventures and so on. So what should you do when you feel that you are missing someone? Perhaps, it can be expressed by saying it or inviting to go out just to see their face. But, what if it’s not possible for you to tell that someone that you miss her/him? I’m just curious, of how people deal with this kind of feeling or emotions. As for myself, I admit that it’s a non-stop thinking, wishing, day dreaming or whatever. That’s why I said it was difficult and most of all, what could be the reason you’re missing that person? It could be because you do things together and what if you just knew each other for quite a while? Is it possible to miss them that much? I received an SMS before that when you’re thinking someone it means that that someone is thinking of you too. According to science they said that there is somewhat a link between your minds. Do you think this is possible? Maybe..


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