Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The other day a friend of mine shared a website, Surf the Channel where she watches TV series. I remembered that I used to do that when I was in Jakarta during a weekend shift. Not much to do and just to stay awake and keep the boredom away, it’s either I watch online or do stuff with my site. Most of the last few weeks though I concentrated on furnishing my site since I get to watch DVD’s at home, that’s what I missed when I was there, my brother’s girlfriend would bring her collection and we would finish one full series or more, along with bunch of snacks... HEHEHEHE! Anyway, back with the website, it was really good and you have different options to where you are going to watch it if one fails. It buffers really fast, I got to update myself to one of my favourite series “Bones”. Now, I am up to “NCIS”. It just popped into my head to share this with you guys and at the same time update my site as well... I really love watching these series; they keep me busy and kind of help me widen my vocabulary, because I must admit for more than a year of not using English that often made me a little rusty... HAHAHAHA! Ok, so I’ll be back later, right now I’m just going to savour the moment of a rainy morning with a nice cup of cereals and a bunch of series online. ;)

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