Saturday, October 04, 2008

Yes, I know that in the past weeks all you have been seeing in my site are not real posts from me. I have been adjusting back to the life that I had here. Been absorbing stuff at work as fast as I could so I can continue reviewing for my exams since I am really way out of schedule! My goodness, it has been tough but now I know I have adjusted well however, not the time though. I think that I can really, really make time for this during weekends but I hope that my body clock will be able to adjust as well. There are a lot of things that happened at work and I really enjoy being with my team right now, they are so friendly and most of the time we’re laughing ‘coz there’s this one guy whom they always make fun of (not in a bad way) if I am not mistaken, he is the youngest of all so just like teasing your baby brother, that’s what they do. And not only him, but also me, they keep on teasing me, telling me things like, I am an expert in what I am doing, I’m earning more than they are... The typical thoughts of people here in the Philippines when someone worked abroad already. Anyway, I know that it’s just their way of staying awake... Everyone experienced that...HAHAHAHA... and since most of them are guys having us in the team made them act differently. Next week, we’ll have different schedules I will be part of the front liners and will be handling new stuff again...I just hope that there’ll be no glitches. I will retire early ‘coz tomorrow I will be doing my reviews for my exam so I need all the rest that I can get to absorb all of it. Hope you guys will continue to visit my site, I will really find time to give updates and visit your sites as well. God speed to all!

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